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Chapter 1969: Dont Fantasize on Your Own

And up to when the two were strolling in the ancient city, the more they saw Han Zhuoling could not hide the gentleness on his face when he looked at Shi Xiaoya.

As long as Shi Xiaoya was talking to him, no matter what she said, no matter when it was, Han Zhuoling would always be very patient.

It was starkly different from his formal and stern appearance towards other people.

“I dont care what those stubborn people are thinking, as if if you dont admit it, Han Zhuoling will like you instead.

Anyway, I am taking their candy.

I dont believe Han Zhuoling doesnt like Shi Xiaoya.”

“Han Zhuolings behavior is way too obvious.

When he sees Shi Xiaoya, the gentleness on his face could really melt people.”


Its especially indulgent.”

“Its really worth watching the live broadcast today.

If I didnt watch this show tonight, I really wouldnt have expected that Han Zhuoling, who usually keeps a cold and aloof expression on his face, could actually be so indulgent!”

“This is too sweet.”

When the show was about to end, the subtitles popped up and said, “Dont leave just yet.

After the ads, there are bonus scenes.”

Hence, the audience waited anxiously for the ads to be over to watch the bonus scenes.

As Survivor‘s viewership ratings and popularity kept increasing, even the advertisement slots scheduled in between became very expensive.

Even the advertisement slots that came at the end of the show were not cheap.

Lu Dongliu also cracked his brains over this.

To match up to the cost of the advertisements, Lu Dongliu added a few bonus scenes that were not shown in the official broadcast.

Even those people who kept complaining that they did not believe Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were together could not help but wait until the end for the bonus scenes.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were also watching.

When they saw it, both of them were stunned for a moment.

Shi Xiaoya did not know whether to cry or laugh as she said, “Who came up with this idea This is too…”

Han Zhuoling also laughed, not at all displeased.

It turned out that the bonus scenes that the production team added actually showed Cheng He leading them in playing the game PUBG.

Among them, there was the scene where Han Zhuoling deliberately walked over behind Cheng He, suddenly revealing himself in the live-stream, before walking over to tease Shi Xiaoya.

“Didnt I say we didnt see wrongly that day! It really was Han Zhuoling!”

“Whats going on Seeking enlightenment please.”

“On the day when this episode was recorded, Cheng He started a live-stream playing PUBG right after the first day of filming ended.

At that time, the guests formed a team together with him to play PUBG.

One of them was especially noob in the first round, and it turned out to be Han Zhuoling.” Some netizen who watched the live-stream that day enlightened that person.

“At first, Xiao He did not want to reveal the shows guests, so he did not aim the live-stream camera at the other guests.

But towards when the live-stream was about to end, Han Zhuoling actually purposely walked behind Cheng He, letting us see him.

After that, we then heard him asking Shi Xiaoya what she wanted to eat.

That was just a major PDA scene for that scheming boy to abuse us single dogs!”

“This was not part of the shows content, and they did not intend to air it, right”

“The production team is really daring lolol.

Did you guys seek Han Zhuolings permission for this Arent you afraid of bearing his rage”

“Dont be silly.

If the production team dares to do this, they definitely received Han Zhuolings approval beforehand.

Who knows, he might have wanted to publicly announce his relationship with Shi Xiaoya actually.”

“Dont talk about others relationships.

The person involved didnt even say anything, so stop fantasizing on your own.”

“You people who refuse to accept it, are you blind Didnt you see how close Han Zhuoling stuck to Shi Xiaoya”

“That might just be him cooperating with the production team to boost the popularity of the show.

Can you all not be so naive Have you guys not seen enough incidents of couples being shipped to boost the popularity of shows”

Online, netizens automatically split into two camps.

One camp believed and supported Han Zhuoling being together with Shi Xiaoya.

The other camp felt that they were actually just doing it for show and would not believe that Han Zhuoling liked Shi Xiaoya.

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