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Chapter 1971: Look How Busy She Was!

That was it!

Shi Xiaoya and her assistant.

Xia Yixin almost smashed her phone into the TV in anger.

The viewers all reacted differently.

At the Han Family home.

Old Mrs.

Han forced Old Mr.

Han to watch this weeks Survivor with her.

Han Zhuoling had reminded them that the third episode was airing today, the one where he and Shi Xiaoya were both appearing.

The Han Family wouldnt miss it for the world.

They were all curious what kind of show it was for both Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya to participate in.

Moreover, if their memory served them right, Han Zhuoling seemed to have started dating Shi Xiaoya officially when they were shooting the third episode.

It could be considered some kind of anniversary of theirs.

How exciting!

“I was wondering if Zhuoling knew how to take care of Xiaoya during the show,” Old Mrs.

Han muttered to her partner, “but seeing how they usually interact, I reckon it wouldnt be too different when they were filming.”

Indeed, after finishing the episode, Old Mrs.

Han was cupping her cheeks.

“What is it Toothache” Old Mr.

Han looked at his wife.

“Nope, its all the fluff and sweetness.” Old Mrs.

Han held her position.

“Thrown at us by our eldest grandson.

Who could have guessed hes actually worse when he was filming.”

Old Mr.

Han rubbed his newly-trimmed beard, nodding in satisfaction.

“Zhuolings a self-taught master! Thats great! Whats good about showing off to his own family members Flaunting to the whole nation, thats true showing off!”

As if triggered by Old Mr.

Hans words, Old Mrs.

Han immediately clapped her hands.

“Right! You reminded me!”

She then grabbed her phone and quickly searched her contacts.

Old Mr.

Han peeked—it was Old Mrs.


Old Mr.

Han: “…”


Lord knew who started it, but one by one, it became a tradition for this group of old ladies.

The one whose grandson had managed to snag a girlfriend would show off to the others whose grandsons were still single.

Old Mrs.

Han naturally made the announcement to the group when Han Zhuoli got married back then.

But her sense of achievement now far surpassed that.

Because Han Zhuoling was a much more difficult case than Han Zhuoli!

Aloof and distant, unclear about his own feelings, and someone for whom girls were always the farthest from the mind.

Old Mrs.

Han originally thought Han Zhuolings marriage would be a long-term battle, but it was settled unexpectedly quickly and satisfactorily.

How could she not be happy How could she not boast about it

Old Mrs.

Wei at first thought that no matter how bad Wei Zhiqian was, there was still Han Zhuoling setting the bar.

Yet now…

“Old Mrs.

Wei, have you watched tonights Survivor yet” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

Of course Old Mrs.

Wei had.

Shes watching the bloopers now.

The production team was so cruel; the bloopers were just fluff from Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Old Mrs.

Wei couldnt give Old Mrs.

Han the chance to boast, or at least not too much freedom to do so.

Hence, she replied, “No, Im worrying about affairs of the state! Like the Cross-Strait relations, when can we achieve peace and unity And the recent trade war.

All these important matters.

Where would I get the time to enjoy variety shows”

Old Mrs.

Han: “…”

Look how busy she was!

Even worrying about state affairs!

Old Mrs.

Wei wasnt someone who concerned herself with such national matters!

Old Mrs.

Han obviously didnt believe her words.

“Didnt watch Its okay, you can watch the uploaded episode on the website, they dont even have ads! How convenient,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“You must watch it! Its the episode where my grandson and granddaughter-in-law started their relationship.

Its really interesting!”

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