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Chapter 1972: Why Dont You Not Come Next Time

Old Mrs.

Wei: “…”


How could she not know Shes watching it!

Who knew that the cold and aloof Han Zhuoling was such a dab at chatting up girls

All the way to filming.

The lads pretty creative!

Lin Liye was at home watching the show with Han Zhuofeng.

“Who knew your brother can be such a gentleman at crucial times!” Lin Liye praised.

Han Zhuofeng agreed half-heartedly.

“Its all your good influence, Mom!”

Lin Liye was happy hearing this.

Han Dongping cleared his throat to the side.

“I think thats my genes.”


Nonsense.” Lin Liye immediately rejected his assertion.

She looked at the time.

“Oh, its almost 12, its getting late.”

Hearing this, Han Dongping quickly cut in.

“Right, its getting late, I—”

“You better hurry back.

Zhuofeng and I are going to bed.” Lin Liye cut him off.

Han Dongping: “…”

He was planning to stay the night.

Alas, Lin Liye was so direct.

“Its already so late, why dont…” Han Dongping still hadnt gotten the words out of his mouth.

Lin Liye sneered.

“Why dont you not come next time”

Who knows what went on in Han Dongpings mind today for him to suddenly pop in today.

Han Zhuolings not at home and Han Zhuofeng couldnt control him.

Thus, Han Dongping stayed and watched the show with them.

Lin Liye was slightly surprised he didnt go to work and actually had time for television.

But because he was well-behaved today and didnt make any nasty comments, staying quiet even when watching TV, Lin Liye didnt bother about him.

But he was so greedy as to wish to stay here.

She couldnt make the decisions; this house wasnt hers.

What if Han Dongping decided to remain here forever, and Han Zhuoling got displeased when he returned

Of course, Han Zhuolings thoughts aside, Lin Liye didnt want Han Dongping here anyway.

Strangled by Lin Liyes words, Han Dongping could only leave with his jacket.

When he was long gone, Han Zhuofeng said, “Dad seemed to have changed a lot recently, Mom.”

Though Han Dongping might be a jerk in many other areas, he had never betrayed or done anything bad to Lin Liye.

“Lets just see.

Who knows if hes changed temporarily or for good” Lin Liye said.

On the other side.

The Shi family.

Shi Xiaoyas parents, as well as Shi Nancang, were all watching Survivor.

This was the first time Shi Xiaoya was appearing as a guest on a variety show, and it was such a popular show too.

Thus, her family was concerned about her performance.

They were unexpectedly treated to the full process of Han Zhuoling charming Shi Xiaoya.

Though Shi Xiaoyas parents had already accepted Han Zhuoling, seeing this made them feel weird.

Why did they feel so conflicted

Shi Nancang scoffed.

“Harrumph, Ive told you before, hes sneaky!”

“What are you talking about!” Du Yiqin threw him a sideways glance.

“Theyre already together, so hows this sneaky”

Shi Nancang pursed his lips, not daring to vent his anger in front of Du Yiqin.

Meanwhile, in the 8864 group.

Chu Zhaoyang and the others watched the episode when they had the time.

Because Han Zhuoling notified them personally, one by one, to watch.

Han Zhuoling appeared in the shows pilot episode, but he didnt tell the group to watch that one.

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