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Chapter 1981: How Could She Not Learn

Even after being tricked by Han Zhuoling time after time, how could she not learn!

She even thought very seriously about it just now, what exactly had she not remembered

When Han Zhuoling mentioned that, in contrast, he became very energized and speedily washed up and packed his things.

Shi Xiaoya was not slow either.

As she was not going to be filming as a guest, she applied a layer of makeup over her face that had color-correcting functions, topped it off with a tinted lip balm, and was ready to leave.

Han Zhuoling went with her to the hotels breakfast buffet restaurant.

The staff from the production team and the guests were all there.

Upon seeing the two of them come in, everyone there turned their attention to them.

They could not help but notice them, as the news and commotion these two had created online last night were way too great.

Originally, there was an A-list actress whod announced that she had given birth to a son and this made it to the hot search topics.

Coincidentally, there was also another popular female celebrity whod announced that she married a male celebrity of slightly lower net worth than her and theyd collected their marriage certificates.

No matter which of the two announced their own news, they would surely hit the headlines.

Coincidentally, they announced their news at the same time, which seemed as if they were competing with each other.

What was even more coincidental was that these two female celebrities were really competitors.

Usually, they would compete over resources, dramas, and for the center spot in events.

As long as they could compete over it, they would compete over it.

They had reason to suspect that the second female celebrity purposely picked the date when the other was to give birth to collect her marriage certificate, just so that she could compete for the news headlines against the other party.

If she won, it would mean that her popularity was higher than the other partys.

And the female celebrity who got married also counted her husbands popularity in as well, and they could be considered to have teamed up strongly to compete against the other party.

Even if they lost, they could still reduce the other partys popularity and make the other party unable to achieve her desired effect.

That female celebrity who gave birth actually also calculated long ago to use the news of her giving birth to generate a wave of interest and popularity for herself.

Rumor had it that yesterday, before she entered the operating theater, when she heard that her competitor had specifically chosen her grand and meticulously planned labor date to get married, she got so angry that she almost gave birth right away in the ward she was staying in.

It was evident how tragic the competition between them was like.

But their luck was even more tragic.

They had both planned it already and schemed properly.

They could not let the other party win no matter what.

Even if they took a step back, they still could not let the other party win beautifully.

Who knew that all these things that theyd carefully schemed for would actually pathetically be met with Han Zhuoling announcing his relationship publicly on the same day

Sadly for them, they thought it was a two-person game at first, but they ended up being instantly wiped out by Han Zhuoling.

An A-list female celebrity gave birth while a popular female celebrity married a popular male celebrity.

It was as good as saying that the three peoples follower base and popularity added together could not even rival Han Zhuolings, who was just one person.

Last night, it could be said that everyone on the Internet was fixated on Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship news.

The two female celebrities news did not even manage to make any splashes at all.

The two of them naturally had their own loyal fans holding ground to support them and congratulate them, and the Presidents of the two parties fan clubs also mobilized their fans to make the topic go trending so that their idol could make it to the hot search topics.

Alas, they only had their own fan clubs for support.

There seemed to be a lot of people and they seemed to have strong support usually.

They did not lose out no matter whose fans they were up against.

But they could not handle Han Zhuoling bringing his fans along with him and then bringing out the people from the eight great families.

All of them had very impressive fanbases.

And almost all the celebrities joined in on the fun, be it the famous or not-so-famous ones.

From A-listers to 18th-listers.

And whether they had actually seen Han Zhuoling before, whether they were artistes under the Han Corporation, they all came out to send their congratulations.

Coupled with the huge fanbases of these artistes…

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