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Chapter 1982: Could Really Laugh Even in His Sleep

If those two female celebrities wanted to beat Han Zhuolings popularity, it would be impossible.

Hence, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship made it to the headlines just like that, and they placed first in the hot search topics ranking.

At the back of it, there was also a dark red “Breaking” character attached to it.

The two people who either got married or gave birth still made it to the hot searches, but no one looked at it.

Everyones attention went to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

And yet, this was Han Zhuoling!

Even if the two people were angry that he had to come out and disrupt their plans yesterday, there was nothing they could do.

Now that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya appeared together in the restaurant, Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui first came over to congratulate them.

“Young Master Ling, Xiaoya, congratulations!” Lu Dongliu said.

“Although it occurred to me after that episode aired last night that you both would definitely have to publicly announce your relationship, I really did not expect that it would become so lively and exciting.”

Lu Dongliu was happy too!

This was of course not just because he was happy for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

When the two of them announced their relationship and so many netizens heard, what did that result in

It resulted in many netizens watching their show!

Even if there were still many people who had not watched it, for the rest to watch the show where the two of them publicly revealed their relationship and see exactly how the two of them displayed affection for each other on the show, people would still go and watch the online video version of the show on the video channel.

Be it the viewership ratings or the number of online hits, they were equally important to their show!

This time, not only Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas topics became breaking news, even their show also exploded in popularity!

Lu Dongliu could really laugh even in his sleep.

Yesterday, regardless of Liu Enxiao, or of that production staff member that had yet to be caught, or of the incident with Zheng Xuexin, none of those could affect Lu Donglius good mood after the show aired.

With Lu Dongliu taking the lead, the others also mustered their courage and congratulated Han Zhuoling.

If it were in the past, they really would not have dared to talk to Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling also looked very bright and happy today, and he appeared really amiable and easygoing.

People who did not know would even think that he was getting married today.

Even Shi Xiaoya, who had been receiving congratulations from people, almost thought that she was not announcing her relationship right now but was in the middle of her wedding day.

Han Zhuoling went to eat breakfast with Shi Xiaoya.

Liu Enxiao watched them from afar.

It seemed like there was nothing strange about the interaction between the two of them.

She then turned to Zheng Xuexin, who behaved very normally as well.

Liu Enxiao felt a bit confused.

Did Zheng Xuexin not go and look for Shi Xiaoya at all last night

Otherwise, why would the three of them be so calm

No matter how they tried to hide it, they would surely reveal a hint that something was off, right

But she really could not tell anything.

Of course she could not tell.

There was nothing wrong with Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya to begin with.

The two of them were doing well, so there would naturally be nothing off about them.

As for Zheng Xuexin, he was struggling to hold back from seeking out Liu Enxiao to settle scores.

He was afraid that Liu Enxiao would run away when she saw that something was amiss, or that shed prepared some measures beforehand.

So even if Zheng Xuexin was still worried about his own future right now, he could not show it.

He was an actor, after all, so he still had this bit of capability.

He wanted to hide and conceal it tightly, so Liu Enxiao naturally could not tell.

Shi Xiaoya hurriedly ate some food until she was reasonably full, and so she did not consider how shed paired her food for breakfast.

They came down a little later to begin with.

As Han Zhuoling was around, no one dared to tell her off either.

But Shi Xiaoya felt very bad and did not intend to put on airs and make herself seem special just because Han Zhuoling was around.

When Shi Xiaoya stopped eating, Han Zhuoling naturally also stopped eating as well.

“Are you full” Shi Xiaoya saw that he did not eat much.

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