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Chapter 1985: Call the Police

Although Zheng Xuexin was lustful, he was still rational.

The people he lusted after were people whom he could control.

Either he used money or his power to do it.

Even if the other party was not willing, he could suppress them as well.

Those he could not afford to offend, he would not offend no matter how beautiful they were.

If hed known early on about Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuolings relationship, Zheng Xuexin would not have provoked her no matter what.

Hence, this morning, the moment the assistant entered the dressing room, he got a resounding slap from Zheng Xuexin the moment he saw him.

He slapped him so hard that he got dizzy and saw stars, which was not an exaggeration at all.

Now that Zheng Xuexin was about to settle scores with Liu Enxiao, the assistant had to stand watch at the side and had to guard the door as well.

He would not personally do anything to Liu Enxiao, but if Zheng Xuexin wanted to deal with her, he would definitely help.

“Teacher Zheng,” Liu Enxiao said guiltily.

“What… What is going on Why is Assistant Lin standing as if he is guarding the door”

“Whats going on” Zheng Xuexin laughed mockingly as he walked up to her step by step.

Every step he took, it was as if he was stepping on her heart.

Liu Enxiao unconsciously stepped backward in nervousness.

But Assistant Lin was guarding the door.

She could really be said to have nowhere to escape to now.

Looking at Zheng Xuexin and at Assistant Lins malicious attitude, it was very obvious that the situation did not develop in a way that would benefit her.

But exactly how it turned out, Liu Enxiao still did not know even now.

The only thing she knew was that the result was not good.

But it should not have been to a very horrible extent, or else Zheng Xuexin would not have been able to get away in one piece.

Zheng Xuexin had no morals.

He raised his hand and slapped Liu Enxiao, who was stepping backward right then.

That strength was immense.

It could be said that he vented all the anger hed suffered under Han Zhuoling onto Liu Enxiao.

If not for Liu Enxiao, he still could have had great prospects.

How could it have come to this!

“B*tch!” Zheng Xuexin cursed angrily.

Seeing Liu Enxiaos face made him grit his teeth in anger and hatred.

“If you are jealous of Shi Xiaoya, go and deal with her yourself.

You actually dared to use me like a gun!” Zheng Xuexin snarled as he gritted his teeth in anger.

“In your eyes, am I such a fool”

That slap previously did not directly push Liu Enxiao to the ground.

Liu Enxiao staggered backward for a few steps but still managed to steady herself.

Seeing that, Zheng Xuexin kicked her right in the stomach.

Zheng Xuexin did not hold back at all.

He used all the strength he had and concentrated it on that kick.

Liu Enxiao had actually been kicked until she flew backward.

Seeing that she was right about to crash into Assistant Lin, Assistant Lin just dodged and let Liu Enxiao crash against the door.

“Bang!” A loud thudding sound was heard.

Even the other people in the production team outside heard it.

When they saw where the loud bang came from, they were all wondering what was going on.

This sudden loud bang made everyone feel a little unsettled.

Lu Dongliu also heard the sound.

He quickly came to look for Han Zhuoling and said in a low voice, “Young Master Ling, will something happen”

She was a girl, after all.

“Then call the police,” Han Zhuoling said calmly.

“Huh” Lu Dongliu did not understand what Han Zhuoling was playing at.

Han Zhuoling continued, “Judging from this sound, he might just be beating her now.

Then lets call the police to let them handle this.”

Lu Dongliu finally understood.

So Han Zhuoling was waiting for this.

Without him doing anything, he dealt with two people at once.

Of course, Lu Dongliu would not assume that Han Zhuolings methods were actually this gentle.

He might still have other plans in store for them.

Meanwhile, in the dressing room, Zheng Xuexin came right after that and grabbed Liu Enxiaos hair, pulling it upwards.

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