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Chapter 1987: Police, Open the Door

“My reputation—could the production team not know about it even if outsiders didnt They didnt send Hong Qiaoxian over, nor any of those three male makeup artists, and only had you come over.

Whose idea do you think that is”

Liu Enxiaos badly battered mind finally started working again.

Because of Zheng Xuexins words, she thought of Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling just came last night, and today, she got arranged to come and do makeup for Zheng Xuexin.

Liu Enxiao trembled in fear.

Seeing that Zheng Xuexins fist was about to land on her, Liu Enxiao knew that pleading with Zheng Xuexin was useless now.

She suddenly screamed out loud, “Save me! Save me!”

She tried her best to scream.

People outside would surely hear her.

Even if no one came to save her, as long as her voice was heard by other people and, if she was lucky, they recorded it, there would be no end to this matter!

“Please save me! Please, please, I beg you all.

Please save me! I am going to be beaten to death!” Liu Enxiao screamed and wailed.

She was really screaming with all her might.

She did not want to be hit anymore.

She felt as if the bones on her face had turned numb from the beating.

Although hed guessed that Han Zhuoling had a hand in this, and even if others would not help even if they heard, Zheng Xuexin was still afraid that it would cause some unnecessary trouble.

After being tricked once, Zheng Xuexin was very cautious now.

“What are you still waiting for! Cover her mouth!” Zheng Xuexin ordered his assistant in frustration.

The assistant quickly covered her mouth.

“HMM!!” Liu Enxiao struggled, then suddenly got punched by Zheng Xuexin.

It was excruciatingly painful, but she still could not make too loud a sound.

When Han Zhuoling heard that, he said, “What are you all waiting for How can we watch Zheng Xuexin hit someone Quickly, go and stop him!”

Everyone had been so stunned by Liu Enxiaos screams just now that they could not react for a moment.

When they heard Han Zhuolings reminder, they then quickly regained their senses.

Lu Dongliu had already called the police just now.

The rest of the people quickly ran over to the door of Zheng Xuexins dressing room.

Of course, the room was locked.

Lu Dongliu shouted at the door, “Teacher Zheng, if theres any issue, speak calmly! Dont get physical! Teacher Zheng, open the door! Just open the door!”

Zheng Xuexin acted as if he did not hear that.

When Liu Enxiao heard that there were people coming, she tried her best to scream “Hmm” and make some sound, only hoping that someone could save her.

But since there were already so many people outside, it was naturally impossible for Zheng Xuexin to continue beating her up.

He let go of Liu Enxiaos hair.

Liu Enxiao only felt her scalp relax for a moment, but instantly, the pain seemed to explode in her head.

Zheng Xuexin grabbed Liu Enxiaos cheeks and said, “Dont think this is over now.

Since you dared to ruin my career, I wont let you off.

If you have the ability, you better run.

Otherwise, you just wait!”

Zheng Xuexin threw her aside with a face full of disdain.

Just when he was about to open the door, he suddenly heard a voice saying, “Police, open the door.”

Zheng Xuexin was stunned for a moment.

At this moment, he had just beaten up Liu Enxiao to vent his anger.

He had only felt a little better, but he felt that his mind was not working properly anymore.

When he heard that the police came, he was dazed for a moment and actually did not know what to do.

Liu Enxiao seized the chance and wailed at the top of her voice, “Save me! Save me! I am about to be beaten to death!”

Zheng Xuexin panicked instantly.

The police outside just pounded on the door urgently and shouted, “Open the door!”

Without waiting for Zheng Xuexin to say anything, the police officers outside the door said, “Go and find the hotel staff.

Ask them to open the door!”

Zheng Xuexin finally reacted at this moment.

He took a deep breath and opened the door.


Police, whats the matter”

“Someone called the police, afraid that you will kill someone,” the police officer said in a cold voice before seeing Liu Enxiao, who had collapsed on the floor.

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