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Chapter 1989: Looks Like This After Level 10 Beauty Filters

The director and videographer following Lan Jiexin this time also happened to be the two that had followed Shi Xiaoya previously.

When the two of them now saw the two people strolling along and chatting behind them, they silently felt sorry for themselves.

Why was it that even during the fifth episode when theyd been assigned to follow a different guest, they still could not escape the fate of being stuffed with “dog food,” aka PDA, by these two people

Previously, the two of them stuffed them with dog food in front of the camera.

Now, it was even better.

They were right beside them and stuffing them at a really close range!

As Han Zhuoling walked together with Shi Xiaoya, he took some time to receive a few videos and photos.

Those were shots and footage taken this morning of Zheng Xuexin and Liu Enxiao.

Han Zhuoling then sent these directly to Lu Man and said, “I will have to trouble you for the rest.”

“Rest assured, and no worries,” Lu Man replied and immediately went to handle this matter.

Hence, that very night, when the popularity of Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship topic still had not died down, the Internet once again broke with another piece of news.

A netizen who claimed to be a guest at the hotel posted an exposé.

“The hotel I am staying at happened to be the one which the Survivors production team is staying at.

This morning when I was eating breakfast, I saw police officers come and take Zheng Xuexin and a makeup artist called Liu Enxiao away.

Ill put up a few photos first, and some videos later.”

The “netizen” attached a few photos, which were photos of the police taking Zheng Xuexin and Liu Enxiao away.

In the photo, Zheng Xuexins face was pale and stiff.

He probably felt that there were only people in the production team there, so other people probably could not enter, and therefore, he did not think that anyone would take photos of him.

Behind Zheng Xuexin was Liu Enxiao, who was being supported by other people.

Shed lost quite a huge chunk of hair.

Even if her hair looked like a mess in the photo, one could still tell that shed lost quite a fair bit of hair at the top.

That face was even more difficult to look at.

Her eyes had been punched swollen, and her eyelids almost could not open.

Her forehead, cheekbones, and chin had all turned blue-green, and her face was terribly swollen.

It was just that the photo was not very clear, or else one could even have seen that her face was filled with tears and snot.

“My goodness, what is this”

“Who is Liu Enxiao”

“Did Zheng Xuexin hit someone”

“The person above, dont spout nonsense just based on the photo.”

“Liu Enxiao is one of the makeup artists on Survivor.

She even re-shared the publicity post for the show before.”

After that, that “netizen” uploaded a video.

“I was at the scene then.

When we saw the police come, quite a few of us hotel guests went over to take a look.

When the police officers opened the door, Liu Enxiao had been beaten beyond recognition.

At that time, Zheng Xuexins assistant was also in the dressing room.

Zheng Xuexin told the police then that it was a private matter, but Liu Enxiao told the police that Zheng Xuexin wanted to take advantage of her.

She refused, so Zheng Xuexin wanted to force himself on her and ended up beating her up into that state.

Afterward, the two of them were brought away, so I dont know whats the outcome either.”

After that, there was a video of them being brought away from the scene.

The “netizen” was not lying, because the video recorded Liu Enxiaos words down as well.

Liu Enxiaos emotions were somewhat unstable in the video as she was crying and wailing, so she did not pronounce her words properly.

But this did not deter the mighty netizens.

They repeatedly listened to the video and finally understood what she was saying.

“It was really like this.

Liu Enxiao said it herself—Zheng Xuexin wanted to take advantage of her, she did not agree, so she got beaten up.”

“You believe it just because she said it How desperate is Zheng Xuexin for women that he had to force himself on her Especially when the show was right about to start filming in the morning How stupid would someone have to be to actually do that”

“I purposely went to flip through Liu Enxiaos selfies.

This is how she looks like after Level 10 beauty filters.”

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