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Chapter 1996: Asking for Your Opinion

The two of them entered through the spacious entrance foyer.

The layout for this level was the same as that for Shi Xiaoyas home.

Hence, even if she had never come in before, Shi Xiaoya did not feel unfamiliar here.

On the contrary, the first time she came over, she felt a familiar sense of unfamiliarity.

The style that Han Zhuoling liked was just like his personality, a style that leaned towards the cold and aloof.

The renovations were very exquisite, but the style was actually very simple.

What made Shi Xiaoya shocked was that Han Zhuoling actually had everything in his kitchen.

From the ingredients to the condiments, to the daily living items like pots and pans, they were all fully furnished in the kitchen.

“Are you still going to cook” Shi Xiaoya asked him in surprise.

Han Zhuoling did not seem like a man who knew how to cook no matter how she looked at him.

Not that he did not want to cook, but that he did not know how to cook, so there was no use even if he entered the kitchen.

Han Zhuoling chuckled and did not speak.

He held Shi Xiaoyas hand and continued walking.

Actually, Han Zhuolings style was also the kind she liked.

It looked simple and comfortable.

From the living room to his study room, she walked through it all once.

Han Zhuoling also made the same choice as her.

Out of the three rooms, he used one as his study, one as the dressing room, and another for the bedroom.

After looking through the study and dressing room, they came to an empty space at the side of the living room.

“I asked before—we can open up this part to connect the top and bottom floors by fitting in a block of stairs that will directly reach the living room below.” Hear, hear.

Han Zhuoling had already stopped saying things like “your house” or “my house,” he just said top and bottom floors, as if the top and bottom floors belonged to one house.

“You want to open it up” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling smiled lightly and said, “Im asking for your opinion.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, what was he asking for

As long as he mentioned it, when did she ever reject him

As long as he was right in front of her, he did not need to do anything.

He just needed to look at her with that good-looking face of his and she would agree to everything.

Shi Xiaoya finally understood how those incapable rulers in ancient times felt when faced with those treacherous, evil concubines who would ruin the country.

Good looks were hard to resist!

“Actually, its… its fine too.” The tips of Shi Xiaoyas ears reddened.

“Anyway, you have the card to my house too, so you can come anytime.

Also, you stay over at my place quite often too.”

The more she talked, the more Shi Xiaoya convinced herself.

“So there wont be much of a difference if you installed a stairway here,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Since things had already come to this, it was very normal for Han Zhuoling to want to stay together with her as well.

There was really nothing much to reject over a small thing like knocking through the two floors to install a stairway.

Han Zhuoling was all smiles and his eyes lit up as well.

“Then I will start with the renovation works,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Dont worry, installing a stairway is very fast.

When you go to work tomorrow and come back in the evening, you will find that the stairway had already been installed.”

Han Zhuoling did not say that he had already asked the person to take the exact measurements.

The stairway had already been made, and the only thing left to do was to knock through the partition between the two floors.

Shi Xiaoya still felt strange that it could be done so quickly.

But she was not familiar with this aspect and did not know how long it would normally take, so she did not ask anything more.

Han Zhuoling said, “In the future, where do you want to stay Do you want to stay upstairs or downstairs”

Shi Xiaoya thought about it.

Her family members only had the card to her room, so even if they suddenly barged in, they would still be coming in from the bottom floor.

Even after the stairway was installed and they could come upstairs using the stairway, at least when they suddenly barged in, there would still be some lag time.

Or else, if she and Han Zhuoling stayed downstairs and people suddenly came into their house, especially if its her older brother and the two of them did not react in time, it would not be good if he saw them in any awkward situations.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya said, “Why dont… I move up to stay”

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