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Chapter 1997: Did I Scare You

Han Zhuoling was waiting for her to say that.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling took her hand and led her into the bedroom.

“You were really tired out today, so lets leave things like this for now.

Tomorrow, I will move the things in your bedroom over together with you.

And as for the clothes in your bedroom, you can also move them over here.”

Han Zhuoling hoped that half of his cupboard would belong to her.

Unknowingly, they agreed to cohabit just like that.

Shi Xiaoya nodded, feeling a little dazed.

She had been led by the nose the whole time by Han Zhuoling.

Unknowingly, she just agreed to everything.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and felt that this was pretty good too.

In the future, the two of them would stay on the floor above.

His study and dressing room were here while her study and dressing room were downstairs.

When the two of them both needed to work, they wont disturb each other.

“I renovated the bedroom according to the style of your bedroom.

If theres anything you are not satisfied with, we can change it,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Or, you can move the furniture in your bedroom up to replace these.”

Shi Xiaoya quickly nodded her head.

“This is already very good.

I like it a lot.

The things you chose are actually not very different from those in my bedroom.

There are not many differences, so I am very used to it.”

“Then from now on—” Han Zhuoling turned to face her, his gaze seemingly winking at Shi Xiaoyas face.

His gaze was deep, making Shi Xiaoyas cheeks heat up.

She lowered her eyes slightly and did not dare to make eye contact again.

When she looked up to glance at him for a moment, she already felt burned by his gaze.

Han Zhuolings gaze remained on her face, and he said, “We will be officially cohabiting together.”

Even though that was true, he did not have to say it out loud.

Shi Xiaoya felt utterly embarrassed.

“Why dont… we go and register our marriage tomorrow” Han Zhuoling continued.

Shi Xiaoya was really shocked by him!

Was he being serious

“Of course Im being serious,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I just want to marry you.”

“But… we just got together not long ago, you dont really know me that well,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“There are endless things to know.

You and I have the rest of our lives to continue getting to know each other,” Han Zhuoling said.

“And in my eyes, you have always been yourself.

In front of me, you are never being fake or hiding anything.

The way you are now already makes me anxious to marry you and treasure you.”

“I have never wanted to marry a girl as much as I do now.

Ive never had such a feeling in the past,” Han Zhuoling said.

“So, this is not an immature choice of mine but a thought that has never changed from the start.”

“I… Im afraid after we get married and you get to know me more, you will suddenly realize that there are still many areas where we are not suitable for each other and you will regret it,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“That wont happen,” Han Zhuoling said confidently.

“In this life, there will always be things to regret.

After all, I cant have complete control over everything I do.

But there is only one thing I will never regret, and that is marrying you.”

He exhaled and said, “Did I scare you”

Shi Xiaoya shook her head, then nodded.

“You didnt scare me, Im just very shocked.”

“I cant not be so anxious, but I have to let you know that Ive always wanted to marry you.

This thought will never change.

If you are ready, I am always here.

I will keep waiting for you until you are ready,” Han Zhuoling said.

“But I want to say, you have to marry me.

Even after weve cohabited together for a period of time and you come to think Im not the person you thought I was, I wont let you regret it or change your mind.”

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