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Chapter 2004: Where Did This Comfort Come From

And yet, even though she was so tired, she could not fall asleep.

Her heart was filled with the lingering charm of their passion.

She never knew that, actually, doing this would give such a feeling.

Han Zhuoling was unbelievably satisfied.

He felt that the happiness he got tonight was far more intense than the first successful major business deal hed clinched in his life.

Han Zhuoling felt that he could not even find a suitable phrase to describe it.

He loved holding Shi Xiaoya so much that he could not bear to let go.

His burning palm caressed her back and the front of her body carefully, as if he was touching a piece of art.

Shi Xiaoya was indeed born with exquisite skin.

Her skin was soft and smooth, just like the photoshopped version one would see in advertisements.

But those in advertisements had been edited.

Shi Xiaoyas was real, and she was born with such good features.

Also, her back did not have a single pimple.

Han Zhuoling just felt as if he was touching a piece of cheesecake.

It was unbelievably smooth.

Shi Xiaoya had not experienced this before, so she would not have had such an obvious reaction.

But now that she had just experienced Han Zhuoling, she became much more sensitive.

Being touched here and there by him like this made Shi Xiaoya tremble uncontrollably.

“You… Arent you going to sleep” Shi Xiaoya used her finger and gently poked the side of Han Zhuolings waist.

“I cant sleep,” Han Zhuoling said very honestly.

“It feels too good, too exciting, so I cant sleep.”

Even his voice had a satisfied, hoarse tone to it, as if he was a lion that had just satiated its appetite, swinging its tail around lazily, looking very contented.

As for where this contentedness came from

Of course, it came from her.

Thinking of this, Shi Xiaoya felt a little depressed.

As Han Zhuoling said that, his hand did not stop moving.

Because she was too nice to the touch.

Like a porcelain doll.

She had long, fluffy hair, and her body was so delicate.

As he thought of how she had just experienced her first and had already been in so much pain, Han Zhuoling could not bear to go for a second time right away.

It would not be too late if he left it for tomorrow night.

But he still could not help fondling around with his fingers.

“You…” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Hm” Han Zhuolings lazy tone instantly made Shi Xiaoya speechless.

He really looked like a lion that had just eaten its prey and was basking under the sun after a good meal.

“What is it” Han Zhuoling asked her.

He looked down and saw her small face that was still slightly flushed red, looking so good no matter how he saw her, making his fingers restless.

He lowered his head and kissed her again.

Shi Xiaoya braced herself and said in a small voice, “Dont keep touching.”

On a rare occurrence, Han Zhuoling did not understand Shi Xiaoya for a moment and said, “Dont worry, Ill let you rest properly tonight.

I wont do it a second time.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She wanted to say that this was not what she meant.

She knew what Han Zhuoling meant.

From how he just moved his hands and did not do anything else, she already understood his intentions.

But even then, she could not stand it!

Shi Xiaoya had a strained look on her face.

She still felt too embarrassed to say it even as her face flushed red again.

It was rare that Han Zhuoling actually still did not get it.

“Your touch is…” Shi Xiaoya felt her scalp go numb as she said, “making me a little uncomfortable.”

His reaction probably got slower after he had satiated his appetite.

Han Zhuoling thought about her words for quite a while before he finally understood them.

He had always been a mature man, yet at this moment, he was like an excited young punk.

He suddenly turned around and pressed Shi Xiaoya down.

Shi Xiaoya got a shock and felt extremely nervous.

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