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Chapter 2005: Ordered a Marital Home

It couldnt be that what she said just now had conversely excited him for a second time, right

Then she might as well have not said anything!

If he wanted to touch… just touch, then!

“Did you just think of something” Han Zhuolings dark eyes lit up brightly as he stared at her.

“No!” Shi Xiaoya denied it!

Although when he was touching her, she really did think about it a little…

Her stamina and physical condition were really beyond her.

Han Zhuoling played with a lock of her hair and said very proudly, “I am still young.

I can do a second time.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“I cant anymore!” Shi Xiaoya was enraged.

After that tiring round, she really did not have much energy left.

She did not even have the energy to be angry.

So, she did not look threatening at all now.

She just looked like a little kitten baring her teeth.

She appeared cute yet angry, but actually, she was not scary at all.

Shi Xiaoya was afraid that Han Zhuoling would really go for a second round.

Teeth gritted, she struggled to raise her leg and kick his calf with the tip of her toes as she said, “Second time is not allowed.

I need to rest!”

Han Zhuoling was just teasing her.

How could he really bear to tire her out

“Im just teasing you.” After saying that, he lay back down.

He was also holding it in, and so he stopped touching her recklessly.

Just now, when Shi Xiaoya said that, he understood immediately.

Shi Xiaoya had just experienced her first.

Shed had no experience before this, and now that she had experienced it, when some of her sensitive spots were being caressed by him, she naturally could not take it.

Although he was holding it in, there were still times when he could not quite manage to.

Han Zhuoling then just concentrated his movements to the side of her waist and did not venture anywhere else.

This was the first time Han Zhuoling discovered that he actually had such moments where he lacked self-control.

The two of them could not sleep now, so Han Zhuoling talked about Lin Liyes plans.

“My mom had already ordered a marital home for us,” Han Zhuoling mentioned.

“What” Shi Xiaoya was way too shocked.

They had just gotten together.

Not only did Han Zhuoling think of marriage already, but even Lin Liye thought of it.

“I told you before that my dad and mom had a rift,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Of course, recently, my dad has been coming over to my place every other day because he wants to patch things up with my mom.”

“But my mom felt that, whether she and my dad would patch up or not, they cannot stay with us.

She is worried that this might affect our time spent together.” Han Zhuoling smiled lightly as he said that.

Shi Xiaoya did not know what to say.

How was her future mother-in-law so considerate


Shi Xiaoya suddenly came to a realization that she had been constantly brainwashed by Han Zhuoling, so she also felt in her subconscious that she would marry Han Zhuoling sooner or later.

She was especially confident of it!

When she suddenly realized this thought of hers, Shi Xiaoya actually relaxed.

At first, she felt that the two of them did not know each other well enough yet as theyd just gotten together.

She wondered if it would be a little too rushed if they talked about the issue of marriage too early on.

And there were so many things that could change in ones life.

No matter what happens, one could never be too sure.

But now, even she felt deep down that she would definitely marry Han Zhuoling, so what was there for her to nitpick about

Shi Xiaoya could not help but smile.

Han Zhuoling still did not know of Shi Xiaoyas thoughts right now.

He continued, “She had been looking for a house before and spotted a villa that was pretty good.

She also showed it to me, and I think its pretty good too.

Hence, she decided to make it our wedding gift.”

Look how he just said that.

Shi Xiaoya wanted to say, the two of them were not married yet.

“When the time comes, Ill bring you there to have a look.

If you like it, we will use it as our marital home.

If you dont like it, we can just leave the residence as it was so we can continue staying here.”

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