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Chapter 2009: Smashing the Cracked Pot Now to Rebel

Shi Xiaoya really wanted him to do this from now on, to not leave so early.

But she did not dare say it.

She was afraid that he would think she was interfering too much in his affairs.

“Why do you think” Han Zhuoling said with a smile on his face, the look in his eyes giving clear answer.

Shi Xiaoya did not speak anymore.

She could not pretend to be dazed even when she understood something.

When she asked just now, it was because it was unexpected.

Now that she thought of it, she did not pretend to not understand.

Han Zhuoling laughed and said, “In the past, I just felt that there was not much meaning even if I slept.

A lifetime is not very long, so I should stay awake as much as I can and do more things, so I would not waste my life away.”

He would have a long sleep after death, so he could sleep to his hearts content then.

“But now, I feel that sleeping for a longer time with you is really how I wont waste my life.

If I do otherwise, I will really just be wasting my life away,” Han Zhuoling continued to say.

If he kept his hands to himself when he was speaking and did not almost touch every part of her under the covers, Shi Xiaoya might probably believe that he really simply wanted to hug her to sleep.

But given his hand movements, Shi Xiaoya would not think of it so simply.

“How are you feeling now Does it still hurt” When Han Zhuoling asked her this, his hand had already reached her wound from last night.

Shi Xiaoya got a shock.

After all, she had been intimate with him only once, so she could not get used to it at all right now.

And anyway, she probably wont be able to get used to it no matter how many times they did it!

Shi Xiaoya still did not feel it just before, but now that the feeling came, she felt sore even if she moved just a bit.

She quickly grabbed his wrist and said angrily, “It still hurts so much that I cant close my legs!”

Shi Xiaoya suddenly spewed out this line, which made even Han Zhuoling stunned for a moment.

He totally did not expect that Shi Xiaoya would have such unreserved moments even though she was such a shy person.

But Han Zhuoling immediately understood why.

This lass must have been suppressing her anger with him for too long.

She was smashing the cracked pot now to rebel.

Indeed, he saw Shi Xiaoya with a gleeful look on her face, staring at him being stunned by her.

Even her gleeful, cheeky look made him adore her.

The scheming look was all over her face.

After Han Zhuoling recovered, he then laughed out loud.


Shi Xiaoya felt extremely embarrassed and a little regretful.

She just uttered that all of a sudden, yet it made him laugh so hard.

Shi Xiaoya moved her leg and kicked his calf without thinking, wanting him to stop laughing so hard.

Han Zhuoling flipped over, pinned Shi Xiaoya down, and said, “Ill just hug you and sleep.”

He had to let Shi Xiaoya rest.

One had to feed the pig properly before slaughtering it.

Luckily, Shi Xiaoya did not know that Han Zhuoling had described her using a pig slaughter metaphor.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya was like a fresh and juicy piece of meat in Han Zhuolings eyes.

“You still have to work in the day.

I wont tire you out in the morning.

We can do it at night,” Han Zhuoling explained.

Shi Xiaoya misunderstood him and felt quite guilty, so she said in a soft voice, “Then stop touching and let me sleep.

I still feel a little sleepy.”

Han Zhuoling agreed and indeed behaved himself and did not do anything.

The two of them napped for another hour before waking up.

Luckily, Han Zhuoling had bought soy milk, xiaolongbao, and some side dishes for breakfast, all of which could be heated up without affecting the taste.

Luckily as well, Han Zhuoling had ordered breakfast first.

Shi Xiaoya only realized after she woke up that she felt really uncomfortable when walking, though she could not feel it when she was lying down.

Her legs were incredibly sore, and even the way she walked was very stiff.

In this condition, she could not cook by herself.

But after she walked a bit more and slowly got used to it, although it still felt sore and painful, at least other people could not see the difference in her.

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