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Just as she finished saying that, she saw Lu Man turn around to enter the toilet.

I just want to use the washroom for a while, you want to follow me too Lu Man stopped in her track, turning back she mocked Ye Xiaoxing.

Ye Xiaoxing stopped at the doorway of the washroom, her face was looking uglier than a mud fence.

Lu Man actually tricked her!

By the time she realized that, Lu Man had already turned and walked into the washroom.

Ye Xiaoxing gritted her teeth and stomped her foot twice, then she looked left and right to make sure that no one had seen her embarrassment before stomping off.

After a second, Lu Man came out from the washroom and quietly followed after her.

She stealthily followed Ye Xiaoxing down the stairs, and then secretly hid a floor above her when she saw Ye Xiaoxing hiding in the corner to make a call.

I\'ve already told you everything you want to know.

You had me spread gossip about Lu Man in the company and I\'ve already done it, so transfer me the balance payment.

Alright, don\'t forget what you\'ve promised me, that you won\'t sell me out.

Seeing Ye Xiaoxing hang up the phone, Lu Man pressed the stop button on her recording application and hurriedly left.

Just as she returned to her office, the telephone on Lu Man\'s desk started to ring.

When she picked up the phone, she did not expect to hear Lu Qiyuan\'s voice.

Why am I not able to call your cell phone Lu Qiyuan questioned.

This is my work phone, don\'t call on this phone for personal matters. Lu Man coldly hung up the phone.

But immediately, her phone started to ring again.

Lu Man twitched her lips.

Unfortunately, she could not pluck out the telephone line for a company phone and could only reluctantly pick up the call.

You horrible girl, you dare to hang up on me! Is it that you blacklisted me on your phone! Lu Qiyuan instantly scolded.


Everyone in the office was doing their work quietly, so Lu Man\'s voice seemed to stand out a lot.

Not wanting to disturb others, she hurriedly said, If you have something to say, I\'ll use my cell phone to call you.

Lu Man hung up the phone and this time, the telephone finally did not ring.

Taking out her cell phone, she quickly went out and called Li Qiyuan.

You are my dad, I can\'t deny that we are blood-related.

She could not deny Lu Qiyuan, otherwise, she would be bad mouthed by a lot of people.

Most of the people did not care about the truth behind the matter, standing on the moral high ground, they would just criticize others.

Nonetheless, Lu Qiyuan was still her father and as long as she was alive, she could not get rid of this relation.

Also, it would not be alright if she just refused to recognize him.

As even if she did not recognize him, would Lu Qiyuan not bother her anymore

Would Lu Qiyuan stop using his position as her father and his status in the family to suppress her

It was impossible.

As long as Lu Qiyuan was unwilling to stop doing that, she would not be able to free herself from Lu Qiyuan this whole life.

Since you say that I am a wicked girl, a naughty and shameless person, why are you calling me now You can just treat it as if you don\'t have such a daughter, that would also prevent you from being angry all the time, Lu Man said calmly, not even a hint of emotion in her voice.

After two lifetimes, she was so numb that saying such words to cut him off from her life did not affect her at all.

She did not even feel anything, anger or sadness, there was just nothing.

What kind of words are you saying! I\'m warning you, Lu Man.

I\'m your dad, your body has my blood flowing in it, you can\'t get rid of me this whole life! What is wrong with me saying you are unfilial Whenever I ask you to do something, you always refuse to listen.

You only know how to oppose me.

You still blame me for scolding you and treating you badly If you were as well-behaved as Qi Qi, would I not love you

Right now, Lu Man really wanted to spit in his face.

Before she had been reborn, she had always listened to him even if she was unhappy as she always had some hope for Lu Qiyuan.

Hence, she would always grit her teeth and do it what he requested from her, but what did she get in exchange


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