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Chapter 2011: Our Feelings Are Mutual

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Usually, wasnt it the girl who was really sensitive about such small matters

The boyfriends would usually be the ones not thinking much about it and not expecting their girlfriends to mind it so much.


In the end, feeling resigned, they could only quickly apologize and try to coax their girlfriends, telling them that they would surely take note of it.

But when it came to the two of them, why did it feel like the roles were reversed

There were many details that she did not mind, and instead, it was actually Han Zhuoling who minded them a lot.

“No! Before this, we werent together yet.

How could I possibly ask around about where your office is People would say that I am fantasizing about you behind my back,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Shi Xiaoya wanted to say that she was afraid people might misunderstand that she had feelings for him.

Although she did have a bit of feelings for him, it was not like she could not control it.

She did fantasize about him.

But she could already imagine how Han Zhuoling would react if she really said that.

Han Zhuoling said right after that, “Didnt you have any feelings for me”

Rather than saying that, she might as well phrase it differently.

Indeed, she heard Han Zhuoling say, “How can it be called fantasizing, then If I didnt like you and you kept thinking about me, then thats called fantasizing.

But since I like you, our feelings are mutual.”

Han Zhuoling paused for a moment before leaning in close to her suddenly.

Shi Xiaoya became so nervous that she forgot she could move.

Her back seemed to be stuck to the back of the chair, and without moving an inch, she watched as he got closer.

“So, before we got together, you already thought about wanting to find out which floor my office is on”

She didnt, she wasnt, dont spout nonsense!

However, seeing how Han Zhuolings dark eyes were brimming with an expectant smile at this moment…

After he fell in love, his image really crumbled quite fast.

In front of her, he no longer had a tinge of coldness and arrogance on him.

Shi Xiaoya liked to see him being so happy, and so she did not deny it.

“So, which floor is it on exactly”

“The 28th floor,” Han Zhuoling said.

“When you come, just tell me.

Ill have Tong Chunian go and fetch you.”

Shi Xiaoya agreed and said, “Ill be going now, then.”

“Wait.” Han Zhuoling held her back again.

Shi Xiaoya was confused, then saw Han Zhuoling pointing to his bottom lip and saying, “Arent you going to express yourself”

Shi Xiaoya minced her lips in an embarrassed smile, but this smile looked especially sweet in Han Zhuolings eyes.

Shi Xiaoya leaned over and quickly gave him a peck on the lips.


Ill get off now.”

Han Zhuoling then nodded happily.

After watching Shi Xiaoya leave and then enter the company building, Han Zhuoling finally left.

However, neither of them noticed that there was already a car parked behind Han Zhuolings car before they came.

Even after Han Zhuoling left, that car still did not leave.

And in the car, Xia Yixin was sitting with a sullen, dark look on her face.

She had come to verify it.

At first, she only wanted to talk to Shi Xiaoya, but she did not expect to see Han Zhuoling.

It seemed like Han Zhuoling really liked Shi Xiaoya, and he actually went to work only now because of her.

She wondered how many other principles Han Zhuoling had broken because of Shi Xiaoya.

Alas, Han Zhuolings windows were darkly tinted, so Xia Yixin could not tell what the two of them did in the car just then.

But Han Zhuolings car had idled for quite a while.

The two of them were surely dallying around inside.

What else could a couple in love do when they were alone in a car

Wont they just get intimate with each other

How lovey-dovey they were!

Given how Shi Xiaoyas face was glowing with the radiance of love when she got off the car, who knew how intimate she had been with Han Zhuoling in the car.

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