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Chapter 2018: Wont Let Go Even If I Die

Luckily, the Han Corporation building was rectangular-shaped, so no matter where or which direction she walked towards, she would be able to find her way.

Shi Xiaoya was extra lucky and walked in the right direction the first time.

Not long after she walked out of the lift, she saw Tong Chunians work desk.

“Xiaoya!” When Tong Chunian saw Shi Xiaoya, he quickly came up to welcome her and said, “Youre here to find Young Master Ling, right!”

Han Zhuoling had told him early on that Shi Xiaoya would be coming today.

And when Han Zhuoling said that, that arrogant and gleeful look on his face felt almost unbearable to look at for Tong Chunian.

“I came a little too early.” Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “Is he busy now”

“Hes working, but theres no one else around,” Tong Chunian replied.

“Young Master Ling had said long ago that as long as you came, you can just go in to look for him.

Its fine.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded, and Tong Chunian went to knock on the door.

They heard Han Zhuoling reply from inside, “Come in.”

Tong Chunian then quietly opened the door.

He did not speak and just smiled at Shi Xiaoya while gesturing her in with his hand.

Shi Xiaoya smiled and waved at Tong Chunian before going in and closing the door.

Tong Chunian did not follow her in.

Shi Xiaoya put her hands behind her back and walked to Han Zhuolings desk.

Han Zhuoling was looking down and working, so he thought it was Tong Chunian.

Usually, he would continue with his work on hand while listening to what Tong Chunian said.

So at this moment, he did not stop or look.

Seeing the situation, Shi Xiaoya said, “Should I come back in a while”

When Han Zhuoling heard this voice, he immediately lifted his head up.

When he saw Shi Xiaoya, that originally cold and handsome face seemed to pop like a fragile bubble.

That handsome face became all-smiles at this moment.

He suddenly reached out to hold her hand across the table.

As she was being held by his hand, Shi Xiaoya could only walk around the table.

The moment she walked over to his side, Han Zhuoling pulled her down to sit on his lap at once.

“Am I disturbing you from your work” Shi Xiaoya asked cheekily.

“My work efficiency is very high, so its fine.” Han Zhuoling hugged her around the waist as he said that.

His hands pinched her waist randomly, as if he was massaging her.

“Hows your body Have you recovered a little” Han Zhuoling asked.

“After exercising for one morning, its better.” She recalled the words that Xia Yixin said when Shi Xiaoya saw her.

But whatever Shi Xiaoya had said to Xia Yixin were her honest thoughts.

She did not say it just to spite Xia Yixin.

She really did not mind.

If she minded his past and still agreed to be with him, that would be too unfair to him, and it would put him in a really difficult spot.

She just felt that he was such a good man, so how could he have been taken advantage of by Xia Yixin at that time

Xia Yixin really had some d*mn luck and did not know to cherish it.

Anyway, she would not let go, not even when she dies!

Shi Xiaoya took the initiative to hug him around the neck.

Han Zhuoling saw Shi Xiaoya behaving as if she was angry with someone.

She was just a step away from looking like a little pig.

He was about to ask who made her angry.

Was it someone from the Han Corporation who was disrespectful to her when she came

Yet before he could ask, Shi Xiaoya suddenly cupped his face and kissed him.

This kiss was very strong.

Their teeth could be felt knocking against each other even with their lips in between.

But Shi Xiaoya did not care.

She sucked hard again and even bit his lip a little in the end before she let go.

But she still took note not to leave any mark on him.

“Have Assistant Tong return the meal money to Xia Yixin,” Shi Xiaoya said harshly.

“Get Tong Chunian to do it.

You are not allowed to contact Xia Yixin!”

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