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Chapter 2020: She Can Dream On

Han Zhuoling nodded and told Tong Chunian, “Return 500 yuan to her.

Make it clear to her that she did not need to spend a single cent on my girlfriend.

We are not close.

If my girlfriend needs money, she has me.”

“Sure!” Tong Chunian answered with a smile, then immediately went to do it.

Han Zhuoling had turned on the loudspeaker so that Shi Xiaoya could hear as well.

After hanging up, he asked her again, “What did she say to you”

“She just purposely said things to spite me.

You two were married previously, so she thought I would mind.” Shi Xiaoya did not relay things in detail.

For some matters, it was one thing for her not to mind, but it did not mean that she was willing to say it out loud.

But without Shi Xiaoya saying it, Han Zhuoling could also guess what Xia Yixin had said.

“But I really dont mind.

Its just that youre such a good person, yet she actually got to have you before out of sheer luck.

I feel that injustice for you.

Anyway, thats all in the past already.

I think youre good, so no matter what happened in the past, no matter what you did, I wont mind.”

Shi Xiaoya scoffed.

“Seeing how she was like, I think she realized after her divorce that her life now is nowhere near how good it was when she was with you, so she regrets it.”

How could it compare to when she was together with Han Zhuoling

Xia Yixin used to be Han Zhuolings wife.

When other people saw her, she was not seen as the Xia familys daughter but Han Zhuolings wife, the daughter-in-law of the Han Family.

So, everyone treated her with respect and care.

Needless to say, it was a life of luxury that Han Zhuoling gave her.

But after her divorce, the Xia family could not compare to the Han Family to begin with, much less when the Han Family stood up for Han Zhuoling and almost forced the Xia family into bankruptcy.

And all this was ultimately caused by Xia Yixin.

It would be strange if the Xia family still gave Xia Yixin a good life.

They were still willing to feed her and let her stay at home for nothing simply out of blood ties.

And when Xia Yixin went out

She was no longer Mrs.

Han, she was only the daughter of that feeble Xia family that was on the verge of ruin.

Who would still think highly of her

After her divorce, it was as if she fell from the clouds and deep into the ground.

Shi Xiaoya could imagine all of this even without asking around about it specifically.

When he heard Shi Xiaoyas words, a wave of warmth rushed through Han Zhuolings heart, warming up his heart hotly.

She had long said before that she did not mind.

All along, he also believed it, but he still felt deep down that this was not fair to her.

She gave all of her to him.

But he did not.

He still felt some regrets.

But in front of Xia Yixin, she still insisted that and had not been affected by Xia Yixins words at all.

He knew that the words Xia Yixin had said to Shi Xiaoya were definitely much worse and much more spiteful.

Shi Xiaoya only briefly explained what her purpose was in saying those things.

As for what she specifically said, Shi Xiaoya did not mention it.

He thought of how Shi Xiaoya defended him so confidently in front of Xia Yixin without being influenced by Xia Yixins words at all.

Being defended by her like this made him feel indescribably touched.

“Hah!” Shi Xiaoya pursed her lips.

“She definitely realized how good you are again after the divorce and is now regretting it.”

As she said that, she even threw a glare at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling felt very wronged now.

He knew he was good because Shi Xiaoya said so.

Originally, he did not think that he was that good.

But he could not help believe it when Shi Xiaoya kept saying that to him, that he was especially good.

As if she was brainwashing him.

Slowly, he also felt that he seemed to be pretty good too.

So, if he was good, why did she glare at him

“She can regret it on her own.

Even if I didnt know you, I wont patch anything up with her, much less now that you and I are together.” Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “She can dream on.”

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