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Chapter 2023: You Have to Protect Me

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“So she wanted to take the remaining half cup of cooled-down tea beside her hand to splash it on me.

I had long been cautious of her.

Anyway, when women fight, before they strike, if they had any liquid beside their hands, 80-90% would want to make use of it.” Shi Xiaoya had been in production crews, as well as all kinds of small and big events doing makeup for people, so shed met her fair share of such incidents.

She had seen too many of them.

In the past, when she was not as famous as she was now, she was just a small makeup artist with no voice of her own, and she could not afford to offend anyone.

There was once a backstage incident during a show where there were two female celebrities of the same status.

Neither of them was better than the other.

At most, one of them had just debuted slightly earlier, but it was not much earlier.

In the end, they got into a fight over who should be the first to go up on stage and who should be the last to go up for the picture-taking.

The celebrity who became famous slightly later felt that although she became famous slightly later than the other party, in terms of status, they were equals, so it showed that she became famous faster than the other party!

Now that she was more famous, she should be the one going last for the finale.

The other party felt that she was the senior, and shed even promoted this junior before, so she was naturally unwilling to agree.

Hence, the two of them really got into a fight backstage.

They used up all the things they had beside their hands and naturally did not leave out the water-throwing part.

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya had already seen many times how women threw water at each other when fighting.

She even felt curious.

Werent there other methods

Why was everyone so passionate about this

Indeed, today, Xia Yixin also chose to throw water at her.

Shi Xiaoya felt that she had no choice, so she could only use hot tea to return the favor.

Shi Xiaoya was thinking about that when, suddenly, Han Zhuoling lifted her hand again.

Han Zhuoling carefully checked her fingers and palms and asked, “But did you get scalded”

Shi Xiaoya threw a pot of hot water on Xia Yixin, burning Xia Yixins face and hands red.

Han Zhuoling did not react to that at all and even praised Shi Xiaoya for doing well.

She was not worried about Xia Yixins injuries, and his first reaction was to see if Shi Xiaoya was hurt.

This stark difference in treatment made Shi Xiaoya unable to help but laugh.

She felt incredibly sweet inside.

“No, not at all,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Im really fine.”

When Han Zhuoling confirmed that her hand was fine, he was then assured.

“But Xia Yixin would not let things go just like that.

After having a whole pot of hot tea splashed at her, she would really be in quite a lot of pain.

She definitely wont want to let me off.” Even though Shi Xiaoya said that, she felt secure because she knew she had backing.

Shi Xiaoya tilted her chin up and said, “So, if Xia Yixin really wants to find trouble with me, you have to protect me.”

Seeing that her fingers were fine, Han Zhuoling pressed them gently and said, “When did I not protect you”

Han Zhuoling then dialed Tong Chunians internal line and said, “Bring in the information on the current situation of the Xia familys company.”

Although the Han Family stopped suppressing the Xia family, the Xia family was also merely hanging by a thread.

But Han Zhuoli never intended to stop suppressing the Xia family.

He had asked Zheng Tianming keep a close eye on the Xia family companys situation.

When Han Zhuoling learned of this, hed asked Tong Chunian to take over this work.

No matter what, this matter was caused by him.

There was no reason for Han Zhuoli to take on this extra work.

He knew that Han Zhuoli still wanted to vent on his behalf and was not appeased at all.

But as the Big Brother, Han Zhuoling could not simply let his younger brother shoulder everything for him.

Hence, it was now Tong Chunian who had been following the Xia familys situation closely.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Tong Chunian might know even more about the Xia familys enterprises than Xia Zhancheng now.

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