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Chapter 2024: Send Him a Bag of Han Zhuolings Brand of Specialty Dog Biscuits

The moment Shi Xiaoya heard this, she quickly got up from Han Zhuolings lap.

It would not be nice if Tong Chunian came in and saw them.

Han Zhuoling did not stop her this time.

Not long after, Tong Chunian came in and handed the information he had been consolidating all this time to Han Zhuoling.

When Tong Chunian was done handing over the information, he was pondering as he went out.

Young Master Ling was going to stand up for Shi Xiaoya.

Xia Yixin definitely went to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya, and Young Master Ling became unhappy when he learned of it.

To stand up for his girlfriend, he would just take it out on the other partys company

Han Zhuoling was examining the Xia familys situation, so Shi Xiaoya did not disturb him and sat quietly at the side.

When it was time for the meeting, Shi Xiaoya went to attend it first.

After the meeting, there was still around an hour left before official working hours ended.

Shi Xiaoya did not have anything on now, but she did not feel good going back to disturb Han Zhuoling from his work, so she wanted to walk around the vicinity of the Han Corporation first.

Due to the company profile of the Han Corporation, many online influencers or young people who were confident of their looks and figure, including students from the National Film Academy and National Drama Academy, would come to the vicinity when they had nothing much to do.

As there were many artistes in the Han Corporation, and many managers as well, sometimes they might even bump into directors, producers, and many others who would come to the Han Corporation to discuss work.

What if they were lucky and got scouted

Hence, the vicinity of the Han Corporation had already become the place with the most hunks and beauties in B City.

As long as you came, you would be able to see a handsome man or a pretty lady within a few steps.

Many shops that were popular online had also clustered around the vicinity.

It had everything from popular cafes to bookstores to fashion clothes and accessories shops that the online influencers had started themselves.

So, the vicinity was a very good place to shop.

Shi Xiaoya was about to walk out of the meeting room when she heard the phone of the leader hosting the meeting this time around ring.

The other party answered, and she heard the other party greet, “Young Master Ling!”

When she heard that it was Han Zhuoling, she thought it could be work-related matters.

But Shi Xiaoya still could not help but stretch her ear to listen intently.

“Yes, the meeting is over.

It just ended,” the other party said.

Afterward, the other party paused for a moment and did not speak for quite a while.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but quietly steal a glance over and saw the other party finally saying, “Okay, sure.

Goodbye, Young Master Ling.”

Seeing that the other party was done talking, Shi Xiaoya quickly retracted her gaze and pretended as if she had nothing on and was about to leave.

Unexpectedly, the other party actually called her, “Xiaoya!”

Shi Xiaoya then stopped and heard the other person say, “Young Master Ling just called me to ask if the meeting had ended.

I told him it ended, and he asked you to come back to his office earlier, not to go out gallivanting.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

There was another, even more sappy line, and the other party bit his tongue and said, “Young Master Ling told me that I must tell you, he totally does not think youre disturbing him at work.

With you by his side, his work efficiency becomes even higher.”

Damn, Young Master Lings way of displaying affection was really at the next level.

Couldnt he just call Shi Xiaoya directly and tell her these things

Did he have to call an outsider like him and make him convey it

Was he sending him a bag of Han Zhuolings brand of specialty dog biscuits[1] for him to chew on

Shi Xiaoya felt really embarrassed and could not even look at him in the eye as she smiled awkwardly and said, “I got it.”

After saying that, she quickly lowered her head and ran away.

She returned to the door outside Han Zhuolings office.

When Tong Chunian saw her, he said, “Miss Shi, youre finally back.

Young Master Ling had been waiting inside the office all this while.

Theres no one inside, you can just go in.”

[1] Chinese slang for PDA

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