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Chapter 2026: Image Collapsing Quite Dramatically

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

How could Han Zhuoling be outdone When Han Zhuoli and Lu Man sat down on the sofa, he said, “Thats indeed a coincidence.

Since Lu Man came today, Zhuoli, you wont work overtime, right”

“Of course, I have to accompany my wife,” Han Zhuoli said.

At this moment, the secretary came in with some light snacks and tea.

She did not dare to take more glances at the Han brothers.

She was afraid that if she looked at them too much, she would not be able to get married.

The more she looked at these two brothers, the more her expectations for looks would heighten subconsciously.

These were things one could not control.

No matter who it was, if one stared at a beautiful thing for a long time and then turned to look at something average, they would also find the latter tasteless.

The secretary then felt really resigned.

Once the secretary left, Han Zhuoling said, “I moved to a new home.”

Han Zhuoli was not surprised.

Lin Liye had already told Old Mrs.

Han everything last night, saying that Han Zhuoling had purposely bought the apartment above Shi Xiaoyas house to stay together with her.

This son would either miss the point or get it.

But the moment he got it, his tricks came one after another, making Lin Liye feel really heartened.

So she quickly told Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Han was elated, and then she told Shen Nuo about it.

Shen Nuo then told Lu Man.

After Lu Man found out, Han Zhuoli would naturally find out as well.

But Lin Liye and Old Mrs.

Han still clearly underestimated the extent to which Han Zhuoling used his tricks on Shi Xiaoya.

They thought that he just wanted to move closer to her, but no one expected that he would just connect both their apartments together.

“Thats pretty good.

When did you move in” Han Zhuoli pretended as if he had never heard of it before and looked quite convincing.

“I didnt hear Auntie mention it though.

Didnt Auntie move in together with you”

Han Zhuoling gave him an amused look.


Continue acting.

“I moved out on my own.

My mom and Zhuofeng are still staying at our original place,” Han Zhuoling slowly explained.

Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya felt tired watching these two brothers wielding their wits even when having a casual conversation.

“The house has been renovated for a while already, I only properly moved in yesterday night,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Ohh—” Han Zhuoli dragged out his voice.

Han Zhuoling ignored his teasing and puffed up his chest, looking unusually proud.

Lu Man: “…”

Ever since he fell in love, Big Brothers image had collapsed quite dramatically.

Look how proud he was now.

He was not much different compared to Han Zhuoli.

“So, its just perfect that the two of you came today You can go back together with us.

Treat it as a housewarming party,” Han Zhuoling suggested.

Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man first to ask for her opinion.

Lu Man nodded.

“Sure, sure.”

Han Zhuoli suddenly laughed and asked, “Oh, right, Big Brother, where did you move to”

Shi Xiaoya felt so embarrassed that she looked somewhere else.

Although this was not something to be ashamed of, being asked by Han Zhuoli like that still felt very embarrassing.

Han Zhuoling did not feel embarrassed at all.

He said indignantly, “I moved to the apartment above your elder sister-in-law.”

“Oh.” Han Zhuoli did not believe that he would just simply move into the apartment above Shi Xiaoya.

They were already dating.

Could Han Zhuoling bear to only stay on the floor above

At this moment, Lu Man said, “Since its a housewarming party, why dont we ask Dad and Mom to come along We can all join in on the fun.”

Shi Xiaoyas face was filled with alarm.

Would this mean that the Han Family elders would all come and see their cohabiting space

“Good idea!” Before Han Zhuoling could say anything, Han Zhuoli had already called Shen Nuo.

“Mom, Big Brother moved house.”


“No, he moved out on his own.”



Man Man came to find me after class and the two of us came to see Big Brother together.

Seeing that we are both around, Big Brother suggested this.

When we clock out, we can go to his new house to take a look, like a housewarming of sorts.

Mom, you and Dad are going, right”

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