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Chapter 2031: How Would We Have the Right to Look Down on You

The restaurant had nothing to fear.

Xia Yixin naturally did not give up.

Even without the recording, there were still the eyewitnesses.

“Wheres your restaurant manager He was at the scene right then.

He saw that woman use hot tea to splash on me! He was the one who helped me call the ambulance!” Xia Yixin said.

This store manager had been switched over from another restaurant outlet at the last minute.

This restaurant was quite famous and had a few outlets in B City.

At that moment, the store manager said with a professional smile, “Im sorry, the restaurant manager is on leave.”

“On leave” Xia Yixins face was filled with doubt.

“Such a coincidence I came to ask for the surveillance camera recording today, yet it so happened that the part when I got splashed with hot tea was gone.

I want to find eyewitnesses, yet your manager is on leave!”

If she could not tell that they were deliberately being uncooperative now, then she would be really dumb!

“Then, where did he go on his leave” Xia Yixin asked.

“He has to come back after his leave, right!”

“He took a long leave.

As to where he went, I really dont know.

I just remember him saying that he wanted to go on a holiday overseas for a period of time,” the store manager said.

“As for coming back, he will definitely come back, but exactly when he will be back, I dont know.”

Xia Yixin scoffed and said mockingly, “Your restaurants staff benefits are really quite good.

I have never seen a restaurant with such amazing staff benefits.”

The store manager could sense the sarcasm in her words but pretended not to.

He continued to smile and say, “Youre right.

If you ask around in the industry, our restaurants staff benefits are the best.”

Xia Yixin laughed coldly.

“The manager is on leave, but the waiter that was working that day should still be around, right Dont tell me the waiter also has such great benefits as to go on a long holiday on a whim, without knowing when they will be back”

The store manager smiled and said, “No, we dont have that, but our restaurants treatment of our waiters could only be said to be above the industry average, so the waiters typically dont work for long and turnover is quite high.

It is really quite coincidental.

On the day you are talking about, that waiter had already quit.”

“Brilliant!” Xia Yixin nodded incessantly.

“Absolutely brilliant! You guys are really too much.

You cant even be bothered to think of a proper excuse.

You are really bent on looking down on me, huh!”

“I dont dare to.

We are just working for other people.

How would we have the right to look down on you” the store manager said, smiling.

But his words sounded even more filled with sarcasm in Xia Yixins ears.

Xia Yixin lifted her hand and wanted to slap the store manager.

The store manager took a step back and put a distance between them as his smile disappeared.

He hardened his face and said, “Miss Xia, you are a customer, so we treat you with respect.

But if you want to be unreasonable, we will have to call the police.”

“Call the police I am the one who wants to call the police!” Xia Yixin was furious.

“I got injured in your restaurant! Now you guys have destroyed all the evidence and actually dare to come and accuse me”

The store manager said sternly, “Destroying evidence is a serious matter, you cant accuse us just like that.

You cant slander us of destroying evidence just because you cant find evidence here.

You wanted to see the surveillance camera recordings, and we showed them to you.

Theres nothing you want to find in it.

Its not that we destroyed the evidence but that the incident simply never happened.

If you insist on finding an issue over something that never happened before, we wont be able to help you with this.

“As for your claim that the incident happened in our restaurant that day, I just came here to take over the shift at the last minute, so I dont know about it.

The staff in our restaurant also dont remember that incident.”

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