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Chapter 2044: What You Had Just Said, Say It Again

“How the diamond ring on your hand is actually zircon, the same as your bracelet… How the so-called branded goods you are wearing are actually fake pieces from the night market, and how they are all low-quality fakes…” Shi Xiaoya said in a cold voice.

“Your husband is so rich, yet youre wearing fakes from head to toe” Shi Xiaoya asked calmly.

“Pei! Theyre fake goods just because you say they are fake I bought these all from exclusive retailers!” the middle-aged woman said.

Shi Xiaoya then said, “The foundation on your face is already looking cakey, and you have numerous dry lines on your face.

Your smile lines and the corners of your eyes have creased to the point that they look as if they would crack.

Although your fingernails are painted, your fingers are very rough.

Your fingertips tips are rough and callused, with some cracks as well.

This is a pair of hands that have been doing manual labor.

Dont tell me, your husband has money to give other women but treats you so miserly Besides not letting you have the most basic skincare, he even forces you to keep doing manual work.”

The panic on that middle-aged womans face was especially obvious.

She could only insist stubbornly, “I was poor when I was young.

To help support his business, I could only work manual jobs outside!”

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“But the cracks on your fingers have been formed recently.

The thin calluses on your fingertips, as long as you dont do manual work for a few years and slowly care for them, they will go back to looking as good as new.

It will only look like this if you keep on doing manual work.

Rich madams aside, even a madam from a normal household who only does housework usually would not have a pair of hands like yours.”

“As for the things you are wearing, whether they are fakes or not, do you dare to let someone come and inspect them Fake goods will never be genuine goods.

Even a high-quality fake good would still have many differences from a genuine good, much less these low-quality cheap fakes you bought from the night market,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“What a coincidence.

I have all these things you are wearing in my work studio,” Qin Zigou said.

“They have all been prepared for our customers.”

He paused for a moment and looked at the door before saying, “No one will think that I, Cris, would let my customers use fakes, right!”

Of course no one would think so.

Everyone subconsciously nodded their heads at him.

Qin Zigou then instructed his assistant, “Bring over all the goods similar to what she is wearing right now.”

“Yes.” The assistant quickly got to it.

Actually, even without those goods being taken out, this middle-aged woman had already started to panic.

“I… I…”

Seeing her reaction, Shi Xiaoya said, “Spill it.

Who told you to come here and slander me”

“No one! You are just a cheap sl*t who goes around being other mens mistress.

I didnt say it wrongly!” the middle-aged woman insisted stubbornly.

But at this moment, anyone could tell that she was just putting up a strong front.

It looked like there was really someone whod sent her to wrongfully accuse Shi Xiaoya.

“Who are you talking about” A cold, icy voice suddenly sounded out at the door.

Shi Xiaoya realized only then that the discussions and chatter that had been going on at the door all along had unknowingly disappeared.

Shi Xiaoya knew who had come just based on the voice alone, even without looking.

When she looked over now, she saw Han Zhuoling standing right at the door.

At the same time, when Shi Xiaoya looked over, he also looked at her and quickly walked in.

He stood beside Shi Xiaoya and even threw a glance at Qin Zigou.

Qin Zigou: “…”

What was the situation now He was still in the mood to be jealous!

Qin Zigou pursed his lips and did not stoop to Han Zhuolings level of pettiness.

He deliberately took one step to the side.

Actually, he was not standing very close to Shi Xiaoya to begin with.

Han Zhuoling was just being petty and could not even stand this little bit of closeness between them.

When that middle-aged woman saw that Han Zhuoling actually came as well, she became scared.

And panicked even more.

“What you had just said, say it again,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

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