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Chapter 2052: Why Are You So Foolish

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When Du Yiqin and Shi Guanzhong heard that, it felt really pleasing to the ears.

Usually, in such moments, even if Lin Liye put the responsibility for coming late on Han Zhuoling, it might make people overthink and feel that Lin Liye was trying to scold Shi Xiaoya indirectly.

She would be chiding her son on the surface, but in reality, she was really chiding Shi Xiaoya.

Between in-laws and relatives, it would be very easy to bear grievances just because of this minor issue.

But Lin Liye asked if they were late because something happened along the way.

It showed that she believed the two of them were not people who did not keep track of their time and that they definitely must have met with some issue.

Han Zhuoling did not hide it and talked about the incident where Shi Xiaoya met that middle-aged woman at her work studio.

“She already admitted that she took someones money and was instructed by someone.

Xiaoya cannot think of who could be the mastermind behind this at the moment.

We just sent that woman to the police station to let the police investigate.

Jingcheng also went.

With him keeping an eye on this, I believe there will be a result very soon,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Why is she so horrible!” Lin Liye said angrily.

As Shi Xiaoyas parents, Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin were also infuriated.

Even though it was all a bunch of lies, that woman should have at least made it sound a little more convincing!

Would their daughter need to be someone elses mistress for money!

How much money did their Shi family lack!

But it was precisely because of this that insiders got to know at once that these were all lies to frame Shi Xiaoya.

If another lie had been spun, Lin Liye might actually hesitate for a moment.

Although in the end, she would still choose to believe Shi Xiaoya, in the process, she would definitely analyze it on her own.

But the slander and framing this time really did not need any analysis.

Shi Xiaoyas family background was as one could see.

There was really no need for her to do such things for money.

Hence, Lin Liye did not even have a second of hesitation.

“But do you both have any suspects in mind” Lin Liye asked.

“Xiaoya listed three suspicious people, but I suspect Xia Yixin the most,” Han Zhuoling said.

Lin Liye did not even want to hear this name now.

Hearing it just made her feel disgusted.

“Why is it her again!” Lin Liye felt so mad that she almost slammed her palm on the table.

“Why would you suspect her Does she have no brains The Xia family has already been beaten down to such an extent by us and she still doesnt know to be afraid”

But the moment she said that, Lin Liye already answered her own question.

Didnt she really have no brains

Would someone with brains leave Han Zhuoling aside, go out and have an affair, and even bear a child for someone else

Lin Liye pursed her lips and heard Han Zhuoling say, “I didnt tell you, but actually, Xia Yixin also went to find Xiaoya before.”

“What nonsense is this!” Lin Liye was really angry.

“What makes her think she can go and look for Xiaoya to shame her What right does she have!

“Why did she go and look for Xiaoya” Lin Liye asked.

“Xiaoya said that Xia Yixin seems to be regretting it now and wants us to get back together,” Han Zhuoling said plainly.

Lin Liye almost choked on her own.

If shed known earlier that this was the answer, she might as well not have asked.

In front of Shi Xiaoyas parents, how awkward was this!

Letting them know that Han Zhuolings ex-wife was actually continuing to pester them and had even gone to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya.

How disdainful they would be of Han Zhuoling

“Xiaoya, you didnt tell us about this,” Du Yiqin said.

She was not intending to seize this chance to reproach Han Zhuoling.

She just wanted to say it to let the Han Family people know that Shi Xiaoya also kept it from them.

She hoped that the Han Family could know of the good in Shi Xiaoya.

This silly child, she was just so protective of Han Zhuoling.

Indeed, when Lin Liye heard that, she felt very guilty and apologetic.

“Xiaoya, why are you so foolish that you didnt tell us about this”

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