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Chapter 2060: Lu Qiyuan Was Nothing

“Wont it just become the faraway moonlight that he pines for secretly deep down When they met again, their feelings from the past gushed forth, so they could not wait to get together with each other.

“Right now, it cant really be considered that theyd already passed the high tide of their relationship.

After a period of time more, when the high tide fades on top of having a child, with all kinds of minor things in their daily lives thrown into the mix, there will no longer be romance in the air, or any peaceful days.

If Xia Qingwei can make Dad tired of her, she can make Wang Juhuai tired of her as well.”

It was too bad Lu Man was not here.

If Lu Man were here and heard this, she would know that Lu Qi was really not a dimwit.

Or else, she would not have been set up so tragically by Lu Qi.

But, similarly, she would also tell off Lu Qi.

Lu Qi made it sound so logical and reasonable, but all her analyses were wrong.

Lu Man was not here though, and Lu Qi also did not know that no matter how impressive her reasoning sounded, none of it was correct.

If shed used these words to describe other people, it might still have worked.

But they did not apply to Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei.

Wang Juhuai was not like the petty and narrow-minded Lu Qiyuan, and Xia Qingwei was not fake like Xia Qingyang.

“Xia Qingwei seems to be living a good life now, but without Lin Jinshu as a comparison, sooner or later, when theyve lived together with each other long enough, issues that the two of them cannot stand will surely pop up,” Lu Qi said very confidently.

“After the high tide of passion passes, they will no longer think everything about the other person is good.

And to top it off, Xia Qingwei still has my dad, her ex-husband, around pestering her…”

Lu Qi turned to Xia Qingyang and leaned in slightly to say, “At this moment, Mom, you have to work even harder.

“Even if Dad didnt go look for her today and you went and made a scene…” Lu Qi slowly lowered her voice and continued, “Just question her whether Dad really went to find her or not.

Ask her why she still had to seduce Dads heart and ruin your family.

“Anyway, which words to say, you dont need me to teach them to you one by one, right” Lu Qi asked in a soft voice.

Xia Qingyang seemed to be enlightened as her eyes lit up.

Lu Qi understood Xia Qingyangs jealousy towards Xia Qingwei way too well.

“Xia Qingwei is living so well now.

Are you going to stand by the side and just watch like this

“Why is it that she can be with whoever she liked” Lu Qi continued to bewitch her by saying, “If you go there and make a scene now, whether Dad is around or not, we will not lose out.

And the Han Family members will surely be around today at the 100-day baby shower.

Let the Han Family see what kind of person Xia Qingwei is.

With such a mother, can Lu Man possibly raise her head up”

Xia Qingyang completely got it.

“Then… then if Xia Qingwei got spurned by Wang Juhuai in disdain, wont she come back to look for your dad” Xia Qingyang asked hesitantly.

Lu Qi was annoyed and said, “If its you, between Wang Juhuai and my dad, who will you choose If you had already married Wang Juhuai and some conflict occurs between both parties, wont you be thinking of how you can continue to keep a hold of him Will she still have time to come and find my dad”

Compared to Wang Juhuai, Lu Qiyuan was nothing!

With such a comparison, Xia Qingyang got it.

She would definitely choose Wang Juhuai.

With Wang Juhuai around, even if their relationship was not good, she would not consider Lu Qiyuan either!

Even if she really wanted to seek comfort from someone else, as long as she had money, there were throngs of handsome young men out there waiting.

How despondent must one be to insist on choosing an aged old man like Lu Qiyuan

“Anyway, my dad and Xia Qingweis relationship had already come to this state.

Given Xia Qingweis temper, its impossible for her to come back to find him.”

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