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Chapter 2068: Something Wrong with Her Brain

But when they saw how the Han Family protected Xia Qingwei, Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin felt even more assured in their hearts.

The Han Family people were reasonable and protected their young.

As long as it was anyone from their family, they would protect them fully.

In this kind of family, their daughter would also not suffer.

Hence, they felt even happier.

The 100-day baby shower, aside from Xia Qingyang and Lu Qis annoying interlude, went quite smoothly thereafter.

When the 100-day baby shower ended, Lu Man immediately contacted Da Xiong and discussed with him how to release the news.

An hour later, Da Xiong then released a piece of news online.

“Some outdated female celebritys mother seems to have gone crazy, screaming and shouting in a public space.”

It was attached with photos and videos, which were of Xia Qingyang being dragged away by the security officers outside the 100-day baby shower ballroom.

The video was filled with Xia Qingyangs screams and shouts.

She screamed piercingly, just like a shrew.

Even Lu Qi appeared in the video.

At that time, Lu Qi had not worn her mask in time, so in the photos and the videos, Lu Qis face could be seen clearly.

It was just that, at the very start, the netizens all focused their attention on Xia Qingyang.

Most of the people were just there for the drama.

And some professional entertainment accounts and those reporters who did not manage to get any news that day started to scrutinize the video over and over again.

They vowed to pick out any unusual clues from within the short few minutes of the video.

This was how Lu Qi was found out.

In the mess of the scene, Lu Qi was hiding behind the crowd, so she was inconspicuous.

The netizens who were just in for the drama did not have such good eyesight.

The moment Lu Qi got identified, there was no question about Xia Qingyangs identity.

“Why is it this mother-and-daughter pair again Its been a while, yet they came out to do evil again.”

“Lu Qi is completely out of date now.

Can she only rely on causing trouble to attract attention”

“Its really unbelievable.

In the past, when Lu Qi was at the peak of her popularity, Xia Qingyang always appeared to be like a rich lady, gentle and demure.

Yet now, she became a shrew.”

“She did not become a shrew, she probably is one to begin with.

Just that in the past, there wasnt really anything that made her unhappy, so she could pretend to be her gentle rich lady self with ease.

Now that the Lu familys company is going downhill and Lu Qis career is finished, Xia Qingyangs original character just revealed itself.”

Just when many netizens started to discuss why Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi came out to make a scene, some netizens came out to reveal, “They probably went to cause trouble.”

“How so”

“We went to the restaurant in Sheng Yue to eat roasted duck today, and we happened to see Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingweis sons 100-day baby shower.

They did not make it a grand affair and just held it like a family banquet dinner.

They were very low profile and did not book the whole place, and they did not cause inconvenience to anyone, just like us normal people when we go there to have a family dinner.”

“Wow, this really makes people stan them.”

“Yeah, unlike other people who like to be all grandiose.”


They only invited the Hans and the Shis,” that “insider” netizen replied.

“Shi Xiaoyas family Thats amazing! Looks like Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas good news is going to come soon too.

Or else, Wang Juhuai would not have invited Shi Xiaoyas family members to go to his sons 100-day baby banquet when its supposed to be a family affair.

This shows that they treat each other like family already.”

“Yeah, this is really heartwarming and down to earth.”

“Now everyone should know what trouble Xia Qingyang went to cause.”

“Understood, understood.”

“This Xia Qingyang has something wrong with her brain.

Xia Qingwei and Lu Qiyuan had already been divorced for more than 20 years.”

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