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Chapter 209: Do You Dare to Follow Me to Get a Sample to Test It

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“But Xiaoxing did not succeed! Now the company already knows that you have been wronged and Xiaoxing spread the rumor.

That’s already a very severe punishment for Xiaoxing.

Why are you being so stubborn and insistent, refusing to let her off!” Xia Mengxuan held onto Ye Xiaoxing.

Ye Xiaoxing wailed in her arms, feeling wronged and hurt.

Lu Man laughed sarcastically.

Since Ye Xiaoxing did not succeed, they could just brush off and ignore her evil intentions

“Xia Mengxuan, during university, you entertained patrons as a bargirl at nightclubs.

Then, after graduation, you found yourself a sugar daddy and became the third party in someone’s relationship.

You even had three abortions due to which now you have completely lost your reproductive ability,” Lu Man said all of a sudden.

“What rubbish are you spouting!” Xia Mengxuan was livid.

She pointed a finger at Lu Man, her whole body trembling in anger, “You talking sh*t!”

All of that wasn’t true!

Xia Mengxuan was afraid that someone would believe it and anxiously turned around, taking a look at the expression on her colleagues’ faces.

“Don’t believe what she said! All of that is fake! Lu Man, you are crazy!”

“What I said indeed was fake, spewing all of this randomly out of my mind.

No one would believe it anyway, why are you getting so worked up” Lu Man smiled lightly.

“Since it’s fake, why did you even say all of that rubbish!” Xia Mengxuan was furious.

“Are you crazy!”

“It was just a small matter, how could you scold me After all, we are all colleagues, just forgive me,” Lu Man’s glib words rolled out of her tongue as she spoke casually.

At that instant, Ye Xiaoxing figured out the trap Lu Man was laying out, but Xia Mengxuan was so furious that she barely noticed it.

“Such a small matter Forgive you Why should I! Who the heck do you think you are! I’m not some saint, why should I forgive you!”

“Regarding the matter between me and Ye Xiaoxing, didn’t you say something exactly like that just now” Lu Man scoffed sarcastically, “But you’re right too, I’m not a saint either, so why should I forgive Ye Xiaoxing”

Hearing that, the anger within Xia Mengxuan died down immediately, she replied stiffly, “This… this is different! This is a different situation!”

Out of the corner of her eye, Lu Man could tell that although the others did not help speak for Ye Xiaoxing, they still possibly felt that it was a little overboard to fire Ye Xiaoxing.

That was ending someone’s source of income, ending someone’s life.

But since Ye Xiaoxing was at fault first, they couldn’t say much either.

Lu Man took out a pen drive from her bag and slammed it onto the table.

“Ye Xiaoxing, do you still recognize this pen drive”

Ye Xiaoxing’s face paled.

“Yes… Yes…”

At that moment, no matter what, she could not play dumb and say anything to refute.

Her lips were trembling furiously.

First, she was caught for spreading the rumor.

Then, she was fired.

This whole morning, she had been a nervous wreck, she was weary and strained mentally.

By now, she was almost on the verge of breaking down, her brain was all frozen, she no longer had the spirit within her to fight.

“This is the pen drive that was found plugged into my computer when my computer had a virus attack back then,” Lu Man took a glance at Xiaoxing and the others’ reactions, “Back then, the staff from the IT department said that the virus was spread through this pen drive.

I had taken this to get it investigated by an expert in the field and he told me more about it in detail.

He said that as soon as I switched on my computer and keyed in the password, the virus inside gained access to my files and sent it out.”

As for whom they were sent to, everyone knew who it was even without Lu Man explaining it.

“As expected, on this pen drive, Dai Yiran’s fingerprints were found.

Of course, there was mine too and those of the IT staff.

However, other than these three, there was still another unknown fingerprint.” Lu Man suddenly grabbed onto Ye Xiaoxing’s hand, “Do you dare to follow me to get a sample to test it”

Ye Xiaoxing shivered, and anxiously tugged her hand back, “You… You’re crazy!”

The expression on the other colleagues’ faces immediately changed.


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