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Chapter 2094: Whats So Good About Me That Made You Like Me

She said in a low, shy voice, “With you, its the first time I liked someone.”

Perhaps she was a little dense when it came to relationship matters, but it was more because she had never met someone who could really move her heart.

Han Zhuoling felt as if his heart was about to burst out right now.

He felt excited yet nervous at this moment.

His palpitating heart felt so immature, as if he was a 17- or 18-year-old young punk.

He said in a hoarse voice, “Whats so good about me that made you like me”

“You are just very good,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“I remember, theres this line in a song: There are not many virtues to speak of for some people, but no one else can replace them.”

“But its not exactly the same, because I can speak of the virtues you have.

Even though you look very cold on the outside, your heart is especially warm and soft.

I still remember the first time I met you.

It was at the international film festival.”

“At that time, you knew that that child was not yours, but you still made sure that he lived well and did not get abandoned.

I still remember, you said that if that child was not getting proper care, then a good family must be found for him so that he can be properly cared for.

“At that time, I knew, you arent as cold as you look.

And you are very impartial.

The child is innocent, so you wont leave him in the lurch.” Shi Xiaoya pointed to her own heart and said, “At that time, this part felt as if something prodded it.

It hurt a little, and felt a little numb.

“To your family, you will also do your best and be very responsible.

You are righteous and dont engage in scandalous affairs,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“It might not be easy to walk into your heart, but once inside, you will definitely treat that person wholeheartedly.

You will be sweet and considerate, taking care of everything for her, protect her, take care of her, and wont betray her for the rest of your life.

“Considering how you are so good-looking, you can actually be so self-disciplined.

How rare is that” Shi Xiaoya was saying the truth, but when Han Zhuoling heard it, he just felt like laughing.

She was praising him for his good looks.

Han Zhuoling kind of felt like looking into the mirror right now.

“I dont know much about doing business.

I just occasionally hear my father and older brother mentioning it.

I also know that there are many dirty deals in doing business, and many scandalous affairs, as well as many unspoken agreements,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“But before I got together with you, I once heard my dad praising you before.

He said you were one of the few on the righteous side.

He also admired you the most, because you dont use dirty tricks or underhanded means, and yet you can still defeat your opponents and win suavely.

“This kind of thing, even other CEOs as capable as you, who could clearly choose not to do such things, will still choose such methods for them to have an easier path to take.

It makes the business scene so toxic.

If they could all be like you, it wouldnt force so many people into doing things they did not want to do.”

Han Zhuoling listened to Shi Xiaoya describing his virtues one by one.

He then heard Shi Xiaoya say, “When you like someone yet cant really say what good sides he has, you will already feel that he is irreplaceable.

Much less when I can say so many virtues that you have, and there are so, so many that I cant even finish talking about.

Who else can replace you

“In my eyes, you are the best person, and no one else can be like you.” Shi Xiaoya rested her ear against his chest, listening to his heartbeat clearly.

It was beating so fast, not as steady as it was usually.

Her shoulders were hugged tightly by Han Zhuoling, who squeezed his arms around her even more tightly.

“Thank you for liking me so much,” Han Zhuoling said in a hoarse voice.

“Although I dont think I am as good as you described.”

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