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Chapter 2097: As If He Looked a Little Proud

Han Zhuoling praised her secretly in his heart, and then said, “Mom, what time are you and Dad coming over”

Shi Guanzhong had already discussed with Shi Nancang that they want to ambush them, so they definitely could not tell Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya when exactly they were going to come over.

But as the mother-in-law, Du Yiqin thought about it and still decided to stand on her son-in-laws side.

Or else, there was really no one else left to help Han Zhuoling.

Du Yiqin glanced around.

Shi Guanzhong was not here.

Du Yiqin then ran to the toilet secretly with her phone and closed the door, saying in a small voice, “I think it might be around noontime, so probably around 11 AM or so.

We still have to wait for Nancang to come to our house to fetch us to go over together.”

“Your dad and Nancang discussed it.

They want to ambush you, so they didnt tell me what time were going over.

They want to make a surprise visit to see how you and Xiaoya are like at home,” Du Yiqin said in a small voice.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Its definitely Shi Nancang who instigated this!

Du Yiqin then said, “I told you secretly, they dont know about this.

Later, when we go over, you better not sell me out.”

“I definitely wont do that,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Rest assured.

“Thank you very much, Mom, you really treat me well,” Han Zhuoling said sweetly.

Han Zhuoling was sweet-talking, yet his voice still sounded especially proper.

So the words he said sounded exceptionally convincing and felt especially sincere.

Du Yiqin was touched by his sincerity and felt delighted.

“Dont worry, I will stand on your side!

“You called just to ask about this” Du Yiqin asked.

“Theres one more thing.” Han Zhuoling still remembered his original motive for calling.

“When you come, can you bring Xiaoyas childhood photos over as well I would like to take a look at them.”

Du Yiqin understood the moment she heard that.

Han Zhuoling wanted to understand how Shi Xiaoya was like when she was young.

It was evident that he really loved Shi Xiaoya.

Du Yiqin naturally agreed and said, “Sure, Ill bring them over for you.”

After ending the call, Han Zhuoling quickly cleaned up and packed up.

Actually, there was not much to pack.

Usually, after the two of them went to work, the helper auntie would come and clean up their rooms.

By the time they came back, the helper auntie would have left.

It was only during the weekends, when he wanted to have some couple time with Shi Xiaoya, that he did not ask the helper auntie to come over.

After he went to blow dry his hair, he checked and saw that his home clothes were quite neat and suitable to entertain guests.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya placed the breakfast dishes on the table one by one and asked, “How are you done packing and cleaning so quickly”

“Just now, I gave Mom a call.” Han Zhuoling came over and sat down.

Shi Xiaoya indeed misunderstood and thought that Han Zhuoling was referring to Lin Liye.

Right after that, she heard Han Zhuoling say, “Mom said Dad and your older brother plan to ambush us.

Theyre not going to tell us when they are coming and then suddenly come over, to see how we are like usually.”

Shi Xiaoya then knew that the “Mom” Han Zhuoling was calling was referring to Du Yiqin.

“But Mom told me all about it,” Han Zhuoling said.

For some reason, when he said those words, it seemed as if he looked a little proud.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, “We are not even married yet, and hes already on pretty good terms with his future mother-in-law.”

Han Zhuoling rarely went to the company now on weekends unless he had really very important work to do.

Usually, for work that was not that important, he would just finish them at home.

So, after eating breakfast, he still went to his study as usual to handle some work matters first.

Shi Xiaoya learned of the estimated time that Shi Guanzhong and the two would come, so she started preparing the ingredients needed for lunch.

With perfect timing, when she was done preparing everything, Shi Guanzhong and the other two arrived.

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