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Chapter 2109: I Am Serious and Discerning

“Yesterday, Xiaoyas parents and older brother came over to our house to take a look, so we could only come today,” Han Zhuoling explained.

Old Mrs.

Han immediately asked, “How was it What did Xiaoyas parents think Are they unhappy about you both staying together”

“No.” Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “They just heard that we connected the two floors, so they wanted to come and take a look out of curiosity.”

Old Mrs.

Han nodded.

She knew that even if Shi Xiaoyas parents felt a little displeasure over it, given Han Zhuolings capabilities, he would be able to placate them until they would no longer object to it.

“Grandma, Zhuoling said that many of his childhood photos are all left here,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“May I take a look at them”

“Of course!” Old Mrs.

Han immediately called Auntie Sun over to come with her.

Not long after, they carried a whole pile of photo albums out.

“Look through them slowly.

Theres more.

When youre done with these, Ill get the rest for you,” Old Mrs.

Han said, smiling.

Shi Xiaoya took one photo album to take a look.

These were all arranged chronologically, and Old Mrs.

Han took them out without changing the order at all.

Hence, they were all arranged by Han Zhuolings age, pile by pile.

So the first album that Shi Xiaoya took was how Han Zhuoling looked like when he was a baby.

Clearly, when babies were just born, their expressions were mostly the same.

Anyway, they would mostly be sleeping all the time.

Even when they were awake, they did not have any expressions on their face and just stared blankly with their big eyes.

But when it came to Han Zhuoling, for some reason, she could tell from his baby photos that he had a cold and arrogant demeanor.

The baby in the photo had no expression on his face and looked especially stern.

Shi Xiaoya turned to look at him and said, “So you had been so stern since you were young.”

Han Zhuoling corrected her and said, “I am serious and discerning.”

Shi Xiaoya replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Serious and discerning!

Old Mrs.

Han watched them from the side and felt that it was quite a beautifying sight.

He was so outstanding.

How did he only manage to find a girlfriend only at this age


Shi Xiaoya flipped through the photos page by page.

She flipped to a page where Han Zhuoling seemed to be around twelve or thirteen years old.

He was in a mall, and what looked like a childrens playground in the mall was behind him.

As it was a place from decades earlier, even if the mall was still around, the playground would likely be gone by now.

Han Zhuoling was standing right in front of a Mickey Mouse statue at the entrance of the playground.

There were two shorter boys standing beside him.

The three of them stood according to height, looking like the bars of a phone signal.

“This is you.” Shi Xiaoya pointed to the tallest boy.

She could recognize him at once.

That tender and child-like face indeed had a shadow of Han Zhuoling in him.

The Han Zhuoling now had a totally domineering CEO image.

In the photo, his expression remained stern, and he was even frowning a little.

As if he felt very displeased that he had been dragged over to take a photo.

That expression looked just like a carbon copy of him in adulthood.

Just that, this expression put on his adult face looked really cold and unapproachable.

But put on a tender-looking young boys face, he was clearly so young, yet he had an adult-like demeanor, which looked especially cute.

When Old Mrs.

Han saw this photo, she smiled and said, “This was taken when Zhuoling was 12 years old.

It was during the summer in his graduating year in primary school.

“I still remember, I wanted to bring them in to play in the playground, but Zhuoling insisted that it was childish.” Old Mrs.

Han smiled and said, “You dont know how funny his disdainful face looked.

Speaking of it, its strange too.

He never liked to play with these things since he was young, and he kept saying they were childish.

If I wanted to take photos of him, he would look all disdainful too.”

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