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Chapter 2115: Keep It

Hence, they arranged students according to comparable family backgrounds.

Perhaps they would not be able to completely root out such situations from occurring, but at least, they could reduce the frequency of such instances.

And they would be too busy competing against each other internally.

How would they have the spare time to notice students from other classes

Everyone was from pretty well-to-do families, so no one would really lose out if they really fought with each other.

Hence, to be able to be assigned to Han Zhuolings class, her family background would not be average.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that this kind of person actually presented herself in such a lowly manner, only secretly staring at Han Zhuoling from afar from a secluded corner every time, yet it was unclear why she did that.

Was he really too hard to get close to, to the point that that girl did not even dare to show that she liked him openly

Shi Xiaoya could not wrap her head around it, so she decided to stop thinking about it.

But that half-joking look fell on Han Zhuoling.

The day before, hed even settled scores with her, calculating with her how popular she had been in school in the past.

She really did not know how popular she was in the past because she had never sensed it before.

But Han Zhuoling had solid evidence right here.

Shi Xiaoya scoffed twice while smiling condescendingly.

As for why she scoffed, Han Zhuoling knew very well!

Han Zhuoling also did not expect it.

At first, he thought it was just looking at some photos.

Who knew Shi Xiaoya would actually manage to pick out this incident

Old Mrs.

Han noticed to her surprise that in Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas interaction now, it was actually Shi Xiaoya who had the upper hand!

Previously, when she watched Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya interacting together, Shi Xiaoya was not so bold in front of Han Zhuoling yet and was unbelievably obedient.

Not that she was not obedient now, just that she was not as stiff as she was in the past.

But seeing how the two of them interacted now, Shi Xiaoya already looked like she could one-up Han Zhuoling.

Even as Han Zhuolings grandma, Old Mrs.

Han still smiled happily and did not think there was anything inappropriate about this.

Aside from family, everyone outside feared Han Zhuoling, so there was no need to find a girlfriend who feared him too.

On the contrary, Shi Xiaoya, who was not afraid of him and could interact with him normally, was being like normal couples with him.

She had no misgivings in front of him and could act boldly in front of him.

Han Zhuoling might have never met a person like her before, so he also really enjoyed this kind of interaction.

Hence, Old Mrs.

Han did not say anything and felt really happy, and she was very supportive of it too.

When Han Zhuoling was in university, there were very few photos.

He did not like taking photos, and throughout his fourth year of university, there were only those few photos of him.

One of it was when he graduated, and it was a photo of him wearing a graduation hat.

Shi Xiaoya stared at his youthful face, and although he was not the bright and sunny type of boy, he still looked really dashing.

He was oozing with bright confidence all over.

Through the photo, it was as if she could smell the clean scent of grass and sunshine radiating out from him.

Shi Xiaoya found a solo shot of him.

This was a photo of him when he graduated from senior high.

He was wearing a clean white shirt and jeans.

The way he looked made her feel as if he was like those male idol characters in school campuses, as if they wrote those characters based on how he looked.

Cold and arrogant, yet outstanding.

“Grandma, can you let me keep this” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“Of course.

You can just keep it,” Old Mrs.

Han agreed readily.

Anyway, there were still many more of Han Zhuolings photos.

It was very normal for Shi Xiaoya to want to keep a photo of her man.

“Thank you, Grandma!” Shi Xiaoya happily took out this photo from the photo album.

She opened her bag, took out her own small, tri-fold wallet, and slotted the photo into her small wallet.

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