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Chapter 2127: Who Knew What Sin He Committed in His Past Life

Yet before they could wait for Shi Xiaoyas reply in this saga, the police came right away, wanting to arrest Xia Yixin on charges of slander.

Although she was only suspected of it, for the police to have enough confirmation to come and arrest her, and even use handcuffs, they must definitely have enough evidence.

Could it be that just as Xia Yixin slandered Shi Xiaoya, the police came right away

That would be way too timely!

As if they knew Xia Yixin would say something.

Of course, this was only the crowd making jokes about the situation in their hearts.

They all knew that Xia Yixin had probably slandered Shi Xiaoya for something before this.

It must be quite serious, or else a case would not have been filed.

Coincidentally, today, when Xia Yixin once again slandered Shi Xiaoya, the police happened to come as well.

Because of this, what Xia Yixin had previously said about Shi Xiaoya coming in between her marriage with Han Zhuoling became totally unconvincing.

The people who were in for the drama and held suspicions at first also no longer doubted Shi Xiaoya at all now.

After all, judging from the situation, it was not the first time Xia Yixin had slandered Shi Xiaoya.

And now, she got hauled away by the police.


Xia Yixin was really something.

After her divorce, she kept smearing her ex-husbands reputation.

Now that Han Zhuoling had finally found a girlfriend, she wanted to slander his girlfriend as well.

She just did not want to see Han Zhuoling live well.

For Han Zhuoling to have married her back then, what sin could he have committed in his past life

After Xia Yixin was taken away, the police did not really arrest Cen Mengqing on charges of obstructing police investigations.

They were not so strict as to insist on escalating a small issue.

But Cen Mengqing still had to follow Xia Yixin along.

Before she left, she hurriedly threw a glance at Shi Xiaoya and threatened fiercely, “You just wait! I wont let you off!”

Shi Xiaoya did not hide her disdain at all and rolled her eyes.

Who was she scaring

Whos scared of you!

Shi Xiaoya rolled her eyes in front of Cen Mengqing very obviously, showing her disdain clearly.

To show that she was not scared of her threats at all.

Shi Xiaoya was just one step away from going up to Cen Mengqing and rolling her eyes in her face.

Her reaction enraged Cen Mengqing immensely.

Shi Xiaoya was just a minor makeup artist.

She actually dared to show her disdain to her

Even if Han Zhuoling was her boyfriend, could she be so arrogant

Could Han Zhuoling protect her for life

“Fine! Fine!” Cen Mengqing was utterly enraged.

She pointed at Shi Xiaoya and said, “You just wait!”

After saying that, Cen Mengqing really did not dare to delay any longer.

She hurriedly chased after Xia Yixin, who was being brought away.

At this moment, the gala was about to start.

Shi Xiaoya could not stay inside and prepared to go out.

She checked Yu Mingshus makeup one last time to make sure there were no issues.

But Yu Mingshu was still not assured, so Shi Xiaoya just lightly touched up for her, though there was really nothing much to touch up.

Afterward, she packed her things.

When she was about to leave, she suddenly heard someone say, “Isnt that Young Master Ling”

“Why is he here”

“I heard that the organizer invited him before, but he rejected it.

Why did he come now”

“The organizers are also quite dumb.

Cen Mengqing is one of the board members.

How could Han Zhuoling come So much for giving face.”

“And Han Zhuoling never liked to attend such events.

Even without Cen Mengqing, he probably would not have come either.”

“Did you guys forget Shi Xiaoya is here! Hes probably here to look for Shi Xiaoya.”

“What the f*ck! Then he must really pamper Shi Xiaoya too much.”


I wonder if its because he heard that Xia Yixin came here to find trouble with her, so he came over immediately.”

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