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Chapter 2129: Didnt Even Care About Her Pride Anymore

“Ever since the divorce, Xia Yixin had been excluded from all these major social circles.

She always wanted to attend them and rejoin those circles.

Because of Cen Mengqings connection, she would definitely not let go of the opportunity to attend this gala this time around.

“After all, other galas or the like will not invite her either.

She can only rely on this chance to rejoin those social circles,” Han Zhuoling said.

“So, to confirm it, I asked someone to check again, and I found out that she would indeed appear tonight.

So I told the police to come and catch her tonight.

“Its such a major, important event that she finally managed to attend, so she would definitely treasure this chance.

Let her then be taken away by the police in such a high profile manner at such an important event that she so treasured, in front of so many socialites.

And the reason for her being taken away, I believe the people present at the scene already know that by now.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“They really do know now.”

So Han Zhuoling did it.

Shed forgotten about Xia Yixins matter previously.

It was probably because she had been living too blissfully with Han Zhuoling that she did not have much troubles or worries.

Actually, the incident with the middle-aged woman happened only two days ago.

But Shi Xiaoya forgot it in the blink of an eye.

It was all because Han Zhuoling was too sweet to her.

Some minor matters in the Han Family and Shi family had also happened during these last two days.

So she became so busy that she forgot.

But Han Zhuoling still frowned and said, “If Id known this earlier, I would have come over here with you.”

Shi Xiaoya was confused, then heard Han Zhuoling say, “I still overestimated Xia Yixins limits.

I thought that in front of so many people, even if for the sake of her own pride, she wont dare to find trouble with you as well.”

Han Zhuoling pursed his lips.

“Who knew she didnt even care about her own pride anymore”

Shi Xiaoya did not think much about it, actually.

Han Zhuoling was too anxious for her sake and treated her like a porcelain doll that would break easily.

But, in fact, she was not so fragile.

Her fighting spirit was quite strong.

But she knew, too, that it was because Han Zhuoling cared about her that he was so concerned.

It had nothing to do with whether her fighting spirit was strong or weak.

No matter how impressive she was, she was still the most important in his heart, and he would still be worried that she would suffer.

Even if she was up against someone with a pathetic fighting power of five[1], Han Zhuoling would still be worried that she would get hurt.

It was the same logic as how, no matter how strong Lu Man was, Han Zhuoli would still feel that his Lu Man was too easy to bully.

Shi Xiaoya felt that this virtue should continue to be maintained!

He had to treat her like a little princess for the rest of her life.

Shi Xiaoya held Han Zhuolings elbow and said, “Dont worry so much, Im not so weak.

She cant do anything to me.”

Even without Han Zhuoling around, she would still not be afraid.

Her family was not a pushover to begin with.

She was very confident.

Han Zhuoling chuckled and said, “I know, but Im still worried that you will be disadvantaged.

I didnt consider things thoroughly.”

Han Zhuoling frowned and said, “I will definitely take note and not make such a mistake again.”

As for how to dote on his woman, Han Zhuoling was constantly exploring new ways and improving his methods.

He could not just make perfection a one-off affair.

But with how he was now, Shi Xiaoya was already satisfied to the point where she could not be satisfied any further.

It was also because of Han Zhuolings appearance this time that peoples understanding of him was once again updated.

So, Han Zhuoling actually treated Shi Xiaoya so well!

Xia Yixin previously went around talking about how bad Han Zhuoling was, how cold and heartless he was.

That it was all because he paid no attention to her that their marriage fell apart.

But now, it was totally not the case!

How good was he to Shi Xiaoya!

Hence, everyone thought that, previously, when Xia Yixin said that Han Zhuoling paid no attention to her, she definitely had a part to play in that as well.

[1] Dragon Ball Z reference to Raditzs encounter with a farmer

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