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Just when her mind started wandering, she was carried and placed onto the office desk by Han Zhuoli.

The coldness of the desk penetrated her shirt, piercing her skin, causing Lu Man to be very alert.

Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man in satisfaction, the dessert before his meal lying on this orange-red office desk, making her skin seem so white that it was seemed like blinding light.

With her skin being so fair, the blush on her cheeks was accentuated, it felt as though red wine had dripped into her skin, gorgeous and graceful.

The two eyes that usually when awake were very clear and sly but at that moment only had a dazed look.

Right now, Lu Man was only wearing a blue pinstripe shirt with a slightly skewed collar that showed a bit of her delicate collarbone.

The depression in her collarbone seemed deep enough to be filled with wine, making Han Zhuoli want to pour some red wine into it, and then sip it bit by bit.

Han Zhuoli reached out his hands, just wanting to open her hair, he really liked seeing her with her hair open and spread out.

At that moment, Zheng Tianming knocked on the door.

Han Zhuolis hand trembled, gritting his teeth he said, “Does heating up food take such a short time”

Just then, Lu Man finally recovered and came back to her sense.

Upon seeing how Han Zhuoli was gritting his teeth, she smiled, “Two to three minutes will be enough.”

Han Zhuoli lowered his head, his gaze having a hungry green light.

If he did not know that Lu Man had just left the Lu Family to live with Xia Qingwei as she could not bear to be apart from her mother, he would have brought Lu Man to his home long ago

Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man up.

Originally he wanted to help her straighten her clothes, but upon seeing her skewed collar, his gaze drifted towards her slightly revealed shoulder that looked as white, tasty and sweet as cream.

Han Zhuolis mouth was hot, and he could not stop himself from pulling her into his embrace again, then lowering his head to suck on her shoulder.

Suddenly, Lu Man felt a wet and soft warmth on her shoulder and following right after that there was a slight pain along with a feeling of something wet sliding over her skin.

And after that, Han Zhuoli finally let her go, looking at the red mark left on her white skin in satisfaction.

Han Zhuoli then helped her to wear her shirt properly before going to open the door.

Although he was interrupted, he had left a hickey on Lu Mans shoulder, and hence Han Zhuolis mood was still very good.

Meanwhile, Zheng Tianming had already prepared himself for facing Han Zhuolis unhappy face, it was just that this same thing had occurred so many times, and hence he had already reached a conclusion a long time ago.

As long as the CEO was with Lu Man, the CEO would not be able to stop himself.

But the lunchbox was already heated up and neither could he not give it to him, hence he definitely needed to interrupt the CEO.

As he knocked on the door, Zheng Tianming was also sighing about how hard his life was, but who knew that when the door opened he would see Han Zhouli grinning with a happy face.

Taking the lunchboxes over, Han Zhouli closed the door and saw that Lu Man had already cleaned everything up.

When he opened the lunchbox, he could see from the food that Lu Man had spent a lot of effort and not randomly made something just to pacify him.

“Just this once, dont do it in the future.” Otherwise, Lu Man would have to wake up too early in the morning, it would be too tiring for her.

In her heart, Lu Man scoffed as he was the one who had especially asked her to make a meal for him.

“Actually, even though it was made in the morning, in the afternoon, it isnt considered fresh and is not that nice to eat.

Wait till the weekend, if you have time, Ill make something fresh for you to eat.”

“Today, what was the reaction of the other colleagues in the office regarding Ye Xiaoxings dismissal Did they blame you” Han Zhuoli asked.

Lu Man was shocked at this mans thoughtfulness, having considered even that.

“Quite a few of them stood on my side.

Although they might still feel that the firing Ye Xiaoxing was a very severe punishment, they are all smart people who can tell right from wrong and know that this cannot be blamed on me,” Lu Man smiled.

“You dont need to worry about me, I wont let anyone take advantage of me.”

Right now, it was not Han Zhoulis first time eating the lunchbox made personally by Lu Man, before this he had stolen Zhou Cheng and Xu Huis lunch boxes several times.


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