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Chapter 2130: Just Said a Few Bad Words

Or else, why was Han Zhuoling paying attention to Shi Xiaoya, but not to her

Besides, saying that he paid no attention to her was all said by Xia Yixin herself.

Back then, exactly how their marriage life was like, no one knew.

The words all came from Xia Yixins mouth.

Originally, only a small handful of people somewhat believed the things that Xia Yixin talked about before.

Yet now, not a single person believed her anymore.


In the police car, Xia Yixin sat at the back.

Cen Mengqing naturally could not sit in the police car, so she could only drive her own car and follow behind them.

When they reached the police station, Cen Mengqing got off her car and rushed over immediately.

She happened to catch up with Xia Yixin in the lobby.

She was about to be brought into the interrogation room.

“Yixin!” Cen Mengqing screamed out once and quickly ran towards Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin stopped and screamed, “Mom!”

She also panicked a little now.

“Its fine, it will be fine.

Dont be scared,” Cen Mengqing said.

She coldly glanced at the police officers on both sides and even threw dirty looks at them.

“I already contacted our familys lawyer on the way here,” Cen Mengqing said.

“The lawyer will be here in a moment.

Before the lawyer comes, you dont need to say anything.”

Xia Yixin nodded.

Cen Mengqing pressed on her chest where her heart was and said, “No matter how big an incident it is, nothing will happen to you.

Dont worry.”

“Okay.” Hearing Cen Mengqing say that, Xia Yixin felt much more assured.

Xia Yixin was brought into the interrogation room.

Indeed, she listened to Cen Mengqing.

No matter what the police asked, she refused to speak, insisting to wait until her lawyer was here.

Not long after, the lawyer hurriedly arrived.

He first spoke a few words with Xia Yixin privately.

When the lawyer questioned her, Xia Yixin could only speak honestly.

She had to cooperate with the lawyer so that the lawyer could think of ways to settle this matter amicably.

“I was the one who did that.

I was the one who told that middle-aged woman to go and find trouble with Shi Xiaoya, to purposely say that Shi Xiaoya had been a mistress kept by her husband before.

“In fact, that middle-aged woman is just a normal woman from the street.

When I saw her, she was quarreling with someone very fiercely.

So I looked for her, gave her some money, and asked her to go and find trouble with Shi Xiaoya.

I wanted her to just berate Shi Xiaoya for being a mistress and things like that.”

Xia Yixin minced her lips and said, “Is this matter so serious To the point of slander

“Its just saying a few bad words and smearing her reputation a little, isnt it So many people spread rumors here and there online, but I dont see anything happening to those people.”

The lawyer felt really tired in his heart and thought to himself, why did Xia Zhancheng have such a brainless daughter

“You go online every day, but dont you know that spreading rumors can also get you charged If the number of shares cross 500 on Weibo, you can be charged for it already.” The lawyer felt that if he said it too professionally, Xia Yixin would not understand, so he just raised such an example.

Xia Yixin then panicked.

“If its slander, how will the sentence be like”

“Less than three years,” the lawyer said.

Xia Yixins heart instantly skipped a beat.

“Its so serious I… I never thought that it will be so serious! This… Isnt it just talking bad about other people I just said a few bad things about them, and she wants to sue me”

“Who could have guessed that this time, theyd want to pursue the matter with you” the lawyer said.

“The main point is, the police has a witness.

The middle-aged woman you looked for had already become the polices witness.

How else did you think the police found the clues to catch you”

“Then what now” Xia Yixin asked anxiously.

“You have to help me, to make sure nothing happens to me! You cant let me go to jail!”

The lawyer did not feel confident at all.

After all, although the person who wanted to sue her was Shi Xiaoya, who was Shi Xiaoyas backer

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