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Chapter 2133: Dont Bother About It Anymore

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That was why he kept his tail between his legs, not daring to charge forward rashly and deciding to stabilize the companys situation first before thinking about anything else.

Everyone outside knew that the Xia familys situation was very bad.

All the more, Cen Mengqing and Xia Yixin should know that.

Yet at this juncture, Xia Yixin still wanted to cause trouble for nothing.

“At a time like this, she didnt keep her tail between her legs obediently and still went to offend Han Zhuoling.

Is she thinking that our family is not getting ruined fast enough” Xia Zhancheng said angrily.

“Why did I raise such a wastrel good-for-nothing!

“At first, I had hoped that after she married into the Han Family, it can make our familys status even better.

Yet after she divorced Han Zhuoling, she also offended the Han Family so badly and made our family get ostracized to the edge.

I was thinking, fine, she can just stay at home.

Even if our family is not as good as before, we can still afford to feed her.

As long as she doesnt cause more trouble for the family, and behaves honestly, I wont bear a grudge for her over how she implicated our family anymore.

Shes my daughter after all, right

“In the end Things have already come to this, but she still cant sit still and even went to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya”

Cen Mengqing pursed her lips and said, “Its not like Shi Xiaoya is any important person.

Han Zhuoling is just using her.”

At first, Cen Mengqing just thought that Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling belonged to two different worlds, and the two of them would definitely not end up together in the end.

But after she said those words mindlessly, she suddenly gave herself a hint.

Perhaps Han Zhuoling was really just using Shi Xiaoya.

If he wasnt, why would a man whod kept a low profile for more than thirty years suddenly become so high profile

All changes that happen suddenly are not normal.

Hence, Cen Mengqing now had an even more “convincing” evidence.

And this when she did not even look well on Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship in the first place.

Xia Zhancheng was so enraged that he pointed his finger at Cen Mengqing.

“You… its because of your habitual indulgence of Yixin that she became so pampered to the point that she didnt know her own place.

She did not even know when she should keep a low profile! Our family is already in this state.

How can we withstand another blow from the Han Family

“Even if you think Han Zhuoling is only using Shi Xiaoya, cant you just go and find trouble with her when she is no longer of any use after the two of them have broken up Why must you do it at a time when Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship is at its best”

Xia Zhancheng was extremely furious.

“No matter how much hes using her, Shi Xiaoya is still Han Zhuolings girlfriend right now.

No matter whether their relationship is deep or shallow, if anyone dared to bully Shi Xiaoya, as her boyfriend, how could Han Zhuoling stand by the side and watch Even if its just for his own pride, he would not just watch as Shi Xiaoya gets bullied without doing anything!

“When the two of them break up, its fine no matter what you both want to do to Shi Xiaoya.

Why must you choose such a time, what exactly are you both up to Are you both teaming up to make sure our family collapses” Xia Zhancheng was so enraged that he did not know what else to say anymore.

Why were there such stupid people around!

Ever since their family suffered a blow, he had been busying himself for the company, so hed inevitably neglected the matters at home.

Yet the moment he neglected them, this mother and daughter pair caused such huge trouble!

“As for Yixins matter, Ill handle it.

You stop meddling in it anymore!” Xia Zhancheng said.

If he let Cen Mengqing continue meddling in it, who knew how big of a mess they would make!

Right now, their family could no longer withstand any more troubles caused by this mother and daughter pair.

After Xia Zhancheng said that, he glanced at Cen Mengqing and asked, “Right, why did you come to Yixins room”

Xia Zhanchengs attitude was already so clear.

How would Cen Mengqing still dare to say that Xia Yixin left some blackmail material on Shi Xiaoya and wanted to use it against her

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