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Chapter 2134: This News Is All Over the Internet

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“Oh,” Cen Mengqing then said, “I came to pack some clothes or whatnot for Yixin, to send it over to her.”

Xia Zhancheng nodded, not suspecting that there was anything amiss.

He then left first, thinking about how to settle Xia Yixins matter.

Seeing that Xia Zhancheng had left, she then opened Xia Yixins computer.

After it was switched on, she looked for the folder that Xia Yixin had mentioned.

When she saw the name of the folder, she then knew how much Xia Yixin hated Shi Xiaoya.

When she clicked in, she noticed that it was a video of that middle-aged woman going to Shi Xiaoyas work studio to cause a scene.

Cen Mengqing was into charity shows, so she had her fair share of connections with celebrities.

She was quite familiar with these tricks too.

But she did not do it herself.

She hired a professional instead.

She knew that the top two PR managers were Wei Zilin and Lu Man.

But these two peoples relationship with the Han Family was not an average one.

Everyone knew that the relations between the brothers of the eight great families were exceptionally good.

Lu Man had even married into the Han Family.

She naturally could not approach those two people.

The moment she thought of that, Cen Mengqing felt depressed.

If she could have approached either of them, they could easily make sure that Shi Xiaoya would not be able to clear her name!

Feeling resigned, Cen Mengqing could only look for other renowned public relations companies.

This matter was more urgent, so Cen Mengqing asked someone to make the contact.

Afterward, she used the fake excuse of sending things to Xia Yixin to go and meet that PR manager.

The two of them agreed to meet in a cafe.

She personally handed this video to the other party, making her own intentions clear and what ends she wanted to achieve.

But the other party had already done similar things countless times.

All these schemes could be said to be assembly-line projects.

The methods were more or less the same.

So the other party very quickly designed a proposal and explained it to Cen Mengqing.

Cen Mengqings request was actually very simple.

She just wanted to upload this video online and make sure it spreads far and wide, generating as big of an impact as possible.

She just wanted to dump this pile of ** solidly on Shi Xiaoyas head, making her unable to shake it off and unable to air her grievances.

It was just that she did not have as many paid posters to hire at the moment, and she only knew a thing or two about such publicity methods, so she felt that she might as well hand it over to a professional to do it, mainly because it would be more convenient.

It could also avoid letting other people find out that she was behind it.

As for the results, as long as the video was spread widely, it would be enough.

That did not require much technical skills to do.

Cen Mengqing felt more pleased and asked, “You can do it tonight, right”

“Dont worry.

By the time you get back home, you will have seen this news all over the Internet,” the other party said.

Cen Mengqing then left feeling pleased.

But the matter was not so simple.

When this PR manager went back, intending to upload these things up online, he noticed that every time it was uploaded, the material did not pass the censor checks.

It was because Han Zhuoling had given a heads-up previously.

If this matter had happened ten days or half a month after, it might not have been blocked.

But Han Zhuoling had just given the heads-up two days ago.

They naturally had to guard it a little more strictly.

When Cen Mengqing got news of that from the other party, she immediately asked, “Then what should we do”

“Dont worry.

I know the people from the internal censorship checks team.

Ill ask someone to let me pass for a moment.

Its probably because Han Zhuoling gave them a heads-up.

But even if he gave them a heads-up, it wont be able to prevent human errors and gaps in between.

There are so many censorship checks personnel.

Most of them are subcontracted to external vendors, and its too complicated.

Once were through, it wont be easy for him to investigate even if he wanted to,” this PR manager said.

The manager told this to Cen Mengqing because he wanted to let her know that it was not that easy for him to do this.

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