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But this was the first time he was eating something Lu Man made especially for him, and the feeling was very good.

“There is a Gold Finger Award in the public relations industry, it is very prestigious and it can be said that everyone in the public relations industry desires to get that award.

The Gold Finger Award has another award, the Best Newcomer Award, and each year it will be awarded to only one newcomer in the industry.” Han Zhuoli did not need to explain too much as Lu Man already knew that the prize had great prestige and honor.

“Before this, Wei Zilin had also received both the Best Newcomer Award and the Gold Finger Award,” Han Zhuoli said, “These past years, almost every single awardee of the Gold Finger Award has set up their own companies.”

Also, because they were the cream of the crop, they had their own team and company.

Even if they did not start their own company, they would be an esteem employee at their original company.

“The Gold Finger Award is not possible, it requires a certain amount of experience to even qualify for nomination.

However, for the Best Newcomer Award, one can be nominated as long as they have joined the industry within a year and have their own solo, outstanding public relations project, thus you can participate in the competition.” Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man, feeling a surge of pride.

His girl was just that outstanding, which allowed him to help her.

Otherwise, even if he wanted to help her, he would not know how to help her, right

“This year I nominated you,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man paused for a while, holding her chopsticks still in her hand, “Me Wouldnt it be unfair”

“You dont need to worry, every company can nominate someone, but apart from that, I have also another spot in my hand.

Anyway, it doesnt matter who, as long as I find that an outstanding, talented person, I can nominate that person, the one Im using for you is my personal nomination spot, so dont worry,” Han Zhuoli said.

Such a spot was not exclusive to only Han Zhuoli, but even it was even Wei Zilin and Nan Jingheng had.

Also, some eminent media personalities working in public relations and influential people had a spot for recommending someone.

“Its not that I cant nominate you on the companys behalf, its just that people in your office already have unfavorable opinions regarding your, so Im worried that if I use the nominate you on the companys behalf then they will fall out with you again.” Lu Man was here to work and not to argue with people.

He did not want Lu Man to have to spend effort on her colleagues on top of working hard every day.

“Also, it just happened that Wu Lize recommended Xia Mengxuan for the Best Newcomer Award, and he probably had the same kind of thoughts as me, so I agreed to let you take the spot under my name.

You are outstanding and with Du Lins case this year, your reputation is also good.

It would be a waste if you dont participate this year.

Although next year you still can participate, it wont be as suitable as this year.”

Lu Man did not think that he would even consider that point.

“You are a newcomer to this industry and even before completing a year you are already working on Du Lins comeback project.

You dont know how many people in this industry have been trying to find out about who was behind Du Lins recent publicity.” Han Zhuoli felt glorious, “Your way of dealing with it was marvelous, even if I had recommended on the behalf of Han Corporation, you would have deserved it.”

It was just that he did not want to cause unnecessary trouble for Lu Man.

Anyway, since he could nominate Lu Man on his behalf, why would he need to let her suffer grievances from her colleagues.

However, although Ye Xiaoxing has been dismissed, there was still Xia Mengxuan in the Public Relations Department and he had kept her in mind, she would not need to think of the year-end bonuses anymore, he was not going to give her that.

“Thats great!” Lu Man smiled, she no longer wanted to have arguments with Xia Mengxuan for no reason, it was very tiring.

“I have signed you up already, but dont give yourself pressure.” Even as he said that, in his heart, Han Zhouli had complete confidence in Lu Man.


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