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Chapter 2148: A Match

“Before this matter, I did not know Miss Shi Xiaoya personally and had never heard of any negative news about her.

Its because of my job as a PR manager that someone looked for me this time, hoping that I could execute this.

But I have my limits too.

I wont do something that will harm others.

Yet because of this edited video that had been twisted out of context, and because of my blind belief in it, Id rashly accepted the job.

“Naturally, I have my own selfish interests at heart.

I wanted to earn money.

At the same time, I also wanted to compete with Lu Man.

Because I knew that since this matter involved Shi Xiaoya, Lu Man would not stay out of it.

Therefore, ultimately, I still harmed Miss Shi Xiaoya because of my own selfish interests.

I am really, very sorry.

“Just now, after I watched the complete version of the video and learned that Id been deceived, I contacted Miss Shi Xiaoya at the first instant and received her forgiveness.

I am very grateful to Miss Shi Xiaoya for her graciousness and her magnanimity.

Also, I learned this lesson by heart and will never do such a thing again next time.

“I caused so much trouble for Miss Shi Xiaoya this time, and the impact is especially big.

I know that even though I apologized, she will still be misunderstood by many netizens.

The damage is persistent and will not be eradicated so easily.

From today on, I will do my very best to support Miss Shi Xiaoya and will do all that I can to make up for my mistake this time around, as well as for the harm I have caused her.

“Everyone, please dont go and make things difficult for or harm a girl.

Please help me to ease my guilt a little better.”

After everyone saw that, they felt that it was not bad.

After all, there were not many other things he could write in an apology statement.

The netizens reactions were substantial as well.

“One had already admitted defeat.

Indeed, he is no match for Lu Man.”

“This apology statement seems quite sincere.”

“But I feel that for him to be willing to come out and apologize, the main reason comes from the pressure from the Han and the Shi families.

Shi Nancang and Han Zhuoling had already let the word out.

Anyone who is human would be scared.

If they were someone else, he might not have come out to apologize.”

“Even so, whether its because of the complete version of the video or because of Shi Xiaoyas family background, it already shows that the matter this time was simply a rumor.

Theres really nothing much to smear about Shi Xiaoya to begin with.

The focus of this matter now is no longer about Shi Xiaoya, but rather, who was the person who asked Lu Chao to slander Shi Xiaoya”

This momentum was brought about by the people Lu Man hired.

If they did not quickly bring back the focus to it, there would surely still be people who would make use of this matter, saying that Lu Chao had been forced by Han Zhuoling and Shi Nancang to apologize, that Shi Xiaoya might not necessarily have been innocent.

“Didnt you guys notice an important point in Lu Chaos apology statement He said that he had been hired by someone else and took the persons money to spread this issue.

He said he had not known whether the video was complete or incomplete.

Besides, whether he knew about that or not, even if he knew and deliberately used it to slander Shi Xiaoya, now that Shi Xiaoya has already mediated for him, theres not much for us bystanders to comment on.

But theres still an important point in this.

Lu Chao said that he had been hired by someone else and that he did this because he took the persons money.

Then who had he been hired by”

“I also noticed this point.

This mastermind must have some bad blood with Shi Xiaoya, so the person purposely hired Lu Chao to slander Shi Xiaoya.”

“Did you guys forget what Han Zhuoling said just now The middle-aged woman in the video had already been caught.

The mastermind who told that middle-aged woman what to do had just been caught tonight.

This shows that, actually, Han Zhuoling and the others already knew who did it.

Lu Chao also knew, but because of his professional principles, he could not reveal it.

In this sense, the words that Han Zhuoling said previously matches with what Lu Chao said.”

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