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“I dont dare to talk big, but since I have this opportunity, I also want to bring the prize back.” Lu Man smiled, her eyes shining brightly; it was not arrogance, but her desire to do her best.

Han Zhuolis heart was moved, he liked her confidence and willingness to fight for it.

“Have you finished eating” Han Zhuoli suddenly asked.

As soon as Lu Man heard that, she knew he had no good intentions.

“Not yet.”

“Then let me feed you.” As soon as he said that, Han Zhuoli placed Lu Man onto his legs.

Lu Man: “…”

Why was he not following his usual tricks

“Im full!” Just now, she was so scared of him tricking her again that he suddenly came up with an excuse, but the truth was that she had already finished eating.

“Youre really done eating Didnt you say you werent finished, just now” Han Zhuoli circled her arms around her dainty figure, his lips curving up in a smile.

Furious, Lu Man gritted her teeth, this man, he knew the truth but still purposely asked!

“Im full now!” Lu Man gritted her teeth and said.

Han Zhuoli laughed lowly, as he laughed, he came closer to her until the tip of his nose was about to touch the tip of her nose.

His low laughter sounded like a pearl-like jade hitting a jade plate came out of his sexy Adams apple, hitting her lips one by one.

“Then, what about the after meal-dessert”

Lu Man understood his meaning instantly, however, she could not react in time as his lips pressed onto hers already.

His hot tongue squeezed its way between her teeth and lips, tasting every single part of the inside of her mouth.

The sour-sweet taste of sweet vinegar still lingered in her mouth; just now when Han Zhuoli had been eating the sweet and sour pork, he did not find the taste as good as it was right now.

Han Zhouli embraced Lu Man tightly, and unknowingly, he had already pressed Lu Man onto the sofa.

Just a while ago, in the afternoon, he had still been talking to people here, and now, Lu Man was lying on it.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli stopped, not wanting Lu Man to lay on the place sat on by other people.

He did not want her skin to press against places others have sat before.

Han Zhuoli suddenly pulled her up and continued to hug her in his embrace.

Lu Man did not understand his sudden change, not realizing how possessive this man was in his heart.

He did not allow for any little bit of contact with anyone else, even if it was through an object.

“Man Man,” Han Zhuoli called softly, suddenly sucking on her earlobe, “Little girl…”

Such a little girl, how could she make him so obsessed!

Lu Man trembled a bit, she did not know why, but he sounded helpless and she could feel the strong emotion in his voice.

She tightly hugged Han Zhuoli back, what great luck did she have to meet Han Zhuoli in this life.

She hugged him, not wanting to let go again.


Upon walking out of the company, Ye Xuanxuan planned to find some restaurant near the office.

Just as she exited from the door, she heard someone call her, “Older sister!”

Looking over, Ye Xuanxuan saw Ye Xiaoxing carrying a paper box and walking towards her.

Before this, the two had argued and did not talk since then.

Ye Xiaoxing had caused her to receive two warning letters, and hence her parents gone to Ye Xiaoxings familys house to cause trouble.

But now that Ye Xiaoxing had been fired, even Ye Xuanxuan could stay angry anymore.

Furthermore, she was also being ostracized by her colleagues, and with no one talking to at work, she was very bored.

At this moment, she was experiencing the feeling of having fallen down from the top of the world.

“Come out and talk,” Ye Xuanxuan took her away from the company and brought her to a nearby restaurant.

Seeing Ye Xiaoxing hesitate at the doorway of the restaurant, Ye Xuanxuan said, “Relax, its rare for colleagues from the company to come here.”

It was only then that Ye Xiaoxing entered with Ye Xuanxuan, and for safety reasons, they still sat down at a far-away corner table.

“What do you plan on doing after this” Ye Xuanxuan asked.


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