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Chapter 2150: Feeling Bad for Han Zhuoling

“And previously, when Xia Yixin called Shi Xiaoya a mistress at the gala, it seemed like we misunderstood.

Xia Yixin was not saying that Shi Xiaoya got between her and Han Zhuolings marriage but was referring to this video.

But this video had only just been posted online tonight.

It was way later than when Xia Yixin came to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya.

How could Xia Yixin have known about this beforehand

“Theres only one possibility, then.

That Xia Yixin is the mastermind.

Xia Yixin sent this middle-aged woman to go slander Shi Xiaoya, then let someone secretly record a video, wanting to ruin Shi Xiaoyas reputation.

The middle-aged woman had been arrested, so she ratted her out.

The police then naturally came to arrest her.

Then the person whod instructed Lu Chao to spread the rumor is very likely to be Cen Mengqing.

To save her daughter, Cen Mengqing pulled such a dirty trick.

But clearly, she will be doing herself in now.

The Han and the Shi families are not pushovers.

“But Im guessing, Cen Mengqing and Xia Yixin probably didnt know previously too that Shi Xiaoya is actually the Shi familys daughter.

Or else they wouldnt have dared to do such a thing.

Shi Xiaoya is too low-key, she never bragged about this.

Now, because of this rumor, Shi Xiaoyas elder brother came out to speak up for his younger sister, and thats how her identity got exposed.

The two of them are probably regretting it in their guts now.

After all, even without Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya is still not someone they can step on just because they wanted to.

“They thought at first that Shi Xiaoya was easy to bully.

It actually backfired on them.”

This netizen said a lot, but this was all explosive information!

So the netizens who had been following this matter all patiently read through the whole post.

“This netizens analysis makes a lot of sense!”

“I just find it strange.

Xia Yixin had already been divorced from Han Zhuoling for so long.

Why does she still want to make things difficult for Shi Xiaoya Is she not going to allow her ex-husband to fall in love”

“The Xias had already been crippled by the Han Family.

Xia Yixins days are no longer good.

She naturally thought of her ex-husbands good side again and probably regretted it.”

“Han Zhuoling and Xia Yixin had mostly lived overseas before.

Its impossible for Shi Xiaoya to have gotten in between them.

Afterward, when Han Zhuoling and Xia Yixin divorced, we didnt see Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling having any connections.

The two of them only got to know each other after Han Zhuolings divorce.

Can he not find someone else after his divorce Does having a divorce mean he has no rights for himself That Miss Xia probably has a screw loose.”

“I feel bad for Han Zhuoling.

He actually has such a trashy ex-wife.”

“Previously, the Han Family kept mum about the reason behind Han Zhuolings divorce, but I heard people vaguely revealing that the party thats in the wrong is definitely Xia Yixin.

And its the kind of mistake that cannot be forgiven.

There are only a few unforgivable mistakes that can lead to a divorce, so its very easy to guess.”

The moment this netizen said this, it instantly stirred a lot of guesses from people.

Indeed, the reasons warranting a divorce without any room for negotiation were very few.

And cheating is the most probable likelihood that everyone can think of.

Han Zhuoli scrolled through a few discussion threads and felt that the netizens were really too impressive.

Their guesses were actually quite accurate.

He turned to ask Lu Man, “This netizen who exposed that Xia Yixin had been arrested, was it arranged by you”

If not, why would it be so coincidental that it just so happened that there was this “informed person” who described what happened tonight in so much detail

Lu Man nodded and admitted, “Yeah, I arranged it.”

Lu Man explained, “I arranged how the masterminds, Xia Yixin and Cen Mengqing, must be mentioned in advance to catch them off guard and make them too busy fending for themselves.”

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