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Chapter 2152: Public Announcement

“And when I was by myself, I can just not care about anything.

But now that Im with you, I cant let you be casually slandered by Xia Yixin,” Han Zhuoling said.

“You dont have to worry.

This is nothing to me,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I didnt mind this to begin with.”

After saying that, Han Zhuoling then said to Lu Man, “I am very sure that I want to publicly announce this.”

Lu Man sincerely felt that this Big Brother of hers was a very responsible person.

He was completely putting his girlfriend as his top priority.

Actually, even if Han Zhuoling did not publicly announce it, even when Xia Yixin says some nonsense later on, she would still have ways to retort.

And she might not actually say anything.

Maybe this time, she would already be scared enough.

The reason why Han Zhuoling wanted to take the initiative to publicly announce it was because the difference would be that they would be the ones making the first move.

Not announcing would mean waiting for Xia Yixin to strike.

Lu Man secretly felt that if Han Zhuoling remarried, he might very likely become a henpecked husband.

The image of these two words, “henpecked husband,” could not really be pictured together with Han Zhuoling.

At least, Lu Man could not even imagine it now, but she just felt that Han Zhuoling would become like that.

She really looked forward to seeing how exactly Han Zhuoling would turn out when he becomes a henpecked husband.

“Big Brother, if you have already decided, then we can settle the matter all at once today,” Lu Man said.

“Big Brother, you can write a draft first.

It doesnt need to be long, maybe around a hundred words, just to briefly explain it.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and used his phone to start typing.

Lu Man then started to contact people.

Not long after, news of Xia Yixin being brought to the police station tonight started to spread online.

The netizens started guessing whether it was because Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya went to make a police report to sue Xia Yixin.

At the same time, there were also people who wondered whether Shi Xiaoya had indeed got in between Han Zhuoling and Xia Yixins marriage.

“Although Han Zhuoling and Xia Yixin were overseas previously and it was impossible for Shi Xiaoya to have had any connections with them, they eventually returned to the country.

Not long after they returned to the country, they had a divorce, so it is also likely that Han Zhuoling got to know Shi Xiaoya after he came back.

After the two of them started having feelings for each other, Han Zhuoling then divorced Xia Yixin.

This is not impossible.”

“But I heard that Han Zhuoling divorced her because Xia Yixin was at fault.”

“The person above is too naive.

The person with bigger power will surely have the biggest say over this.”

When Lu Man saw this, she then said, “Its time.

Big Brother, you can announce it now.

You can first say that it was indeed Xia Yixin whod instructed the middle-aged woman to come and slander Xiaoya, that you both called the police, and then explain the truth behind the divorce, and that will do.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and posted the words that he had typed.

Han Zhuoling: “1.

When the video incident happened, we instantly called the police.

After investigations by the police, Xia Yixin was identified as the mastermind.

Xia Yixin was arrested by the police indeed because she instructed the middle-aged woman to slander Xiaoya.

I and Xiaoya are suing her for slander.


Xiaoya never got in between me and Xia Yixins marriage from start to end.

The reason we divorced was indeed because someone got in between our marriage, but thats on Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin committed adultery during our marriage, bore a child for her lover, and even attempted to let the child take on the Han Familys last name.

Thats why I divorced Xia Yixin.

As for Xiaoya, I only got to know her after my divorce with Xia Yixin.

“For a period of time after the divorce, Xia Yixin went around spreading false rumors about our divorce.

I never once spoke a word about it.

I felt that the divorce had already happened, so I have nothing to do with her anymore.

But she is targeting Xiaoya now, causing Xiaoya and her family immense distress.”

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