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Chapter 2158: Teasing a Man Comes with a Price

It was ticklish, yet there was a slightly numbing feeling as well.

Shi Xiaoya then saw Han Zhuolings earlobe redden at super speed.

Such a mature mans ears actually reddened quietly.

Shi Xiaoya found something new and intriguing to play with so she blew on his ear once.

Right after that, she saw the earlobe that was right under her nose redden even more drastically.

Besides the fact that it was almost glowing red, it was even trembling slightly.

If this were not Han Zhuoling, she would even think she was looking at a rabbit!

Shi Xiaoya snickered silently and suddenly bit on the tip of Han Zhuolings ear.

Han Zhuolings whole body shuddered.

He did not let Shi Xiaoya down either and just pressed her down on the bed.

This little girl.

She was getting more and more bold right!

“Teasing me” Han Zhuoling asked with his eyebrow raised.

But those dark eyes became even darker, and his face reddened as if he got drunk.

Shi Xiaoya wanted to say that she was making fun of him.

But when she saw that dangerous look on Han Zhuolings face, Shi Xiaoya felt that she might as well admit that she was teasing him.

Actually, thinking about it, what she did just now seemed as if she was really teasing him.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya did not say a word and became obedient, as if her silence was agreement.

Yet she did not expect that Han Zhuoling would lower his head and lean close to her ear, then say in a low voice, “Teasing a man at this moment comes with a price.”

Shi Xiaoya suddenly felt scared and had a very ominous feeling.

And this ominous feeling came true.

Han Zhuoling this time did not care whether Shi Xiaoya wanted to act dumb, be coy, or plead with him pitifully.

It was no use.

He wanted her with all his might.

It was no use even until afterward, when Shi Xiaoyas voice turned hoarse as she told him to pause for a moment.

This man just scoffed, and that sound sounded especially gleeful.

As if he was saying, she was no match for him at all!

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, she definitely could not tease him anymore next time.

This was too big a price to pay.


Meanwhile, at the Xia residence, dark clouds were looming over.

Xia Zhancheng contacted someone to see if it was possible to get Xia Yixin out and then to mediate with Shi Xiaoya.

While he sourced for contacts who could get Xia Yixin out, he also asked other people for Shi Xiaoyas contact information.

However, Shi Xiaoya was Han Zhuolings girlfriend now.

There was really no one who dared to easily reveal Shi Xiaoyas contact information so easily.

After all, Xia Zhancheng was Xia Yixins father.

And how was Xia Yixin related to Han Zhuoling

She was his ex-wife.

Could Han Zhuoling have a good relationship with his ex-wife

Needless to say, Xia Yixin had just caused a huge ruckus with Shi Xiaoya over the Internet just then.

Now, it was not even clear if Han Zhuoling would let Xia Yixin off, and Han Zhuoling had let the whole country know how important he regarded Shi Xiaoya for once.

At such a juncture, no one would dare to reveal Shi Xiaoyas contact info.

Xia Zhancheng said that he wanted to mediate with Shi Xiaoya in private, but who knew how he really felt deep down

Xia Zhancheng did not understand, why was asking for Shi Xiaoyas contact information so difficult

He was really sincere about mediating with Shi Xiaoya, which was different from Xia Yixins method of using threats to press for mediation.

Whatever conditions Shi Xiaoya had, as long as it was reasonable, he would try his best to satisfy it.

Yet in the end, he could not even find out how to contact her.

Xia Zhancheng felt it was strange.

The other party did not say anything even when he asked.

Finally, someone felt bad enough for him and told him, “Old Xia, its not that I dont want to give it to you, its that no one will dare to give it to you right now.

Your wife and daughter have caused such a huge commotion, so no one will dare to give Shi Xiaoyas contact to you at this point in time.”

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