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Chapter 2163: Completely Blacklist

“Zhancheng, I didnt do it on purpose, I really didnt know,” Cen Mengqing said.

“Tell me what to do, I will listen to you, I wont make any decisions on my own anymore.”

Xia Zhancheng suddenly shouted in rage, “I dont know what to do now as well, goddamn it!”

When Xia Zhancheng suddenly screamed, the veins on his neck and forehead suddenly popped out, and his whole face reddened from anger as if it was going to explode.

He looked as if he was on the verge of exploding and having a mental breakdown.

He really scared Cen Mengqing this time.

Xia Zhancheng had never been like this before.

Cen Mengqing could tell that Xia Zhancheng was not simply throwing a temper now.

Theres really nothing more he could do.

His whole body was emanating helplessness and was on the brink of total collapse.

Cen Mengqing felt her body turn weak.

Xia Zhancheng was already like this.

Then… then did that mean their family was really done for

If their family was done for, Xia Yixin would naturally be done for as well.

“This… this isnt all my fault, its all Yixins fault!” Cen Mengqing immediately said.

She really did not expect that things would suddenly develop into such a situation where nothing could be salvaged anymore.

At first, she thought she was just dealing with a small fry like Shi Xiaoya.

She even looked down on her so much initially.

She felt that teaching Shi Xiaoya a lesson was a very easy thing to do.

But she did not expect that things would actually become like this.

Before tonight, although the Xia family had been badly pummeled, their foundations were still intact.

There was not much difference in their lives compared to before.

But fate was really unpredictable.

Nobody would have expected that within such a short period of time, their family would suddenly experience a life-changing upheaval.

This sudden attack caught them completely off guard.

They would never have thought that the situation could change with a snap.

Just a few hours ago, they were still doing fine.

She and Xia Yixin were dressed up prettily and preparing to attend the charity gala event.

On the way there, she even told Yixin how she had to think of ways to use the event tonight to make sure she returned to her social circles and was no longer affected by her divorce.

In the end, everything changed after they arrived at the gala.

Xia Yixin got arrested, and the Xia family would be finished as well.

Cen Mengqing grabbed hold of Xia Zhanchengs hand and said, “I… You can tell me to do anything! I will go and apologize to Shi Xiaoya, I will kowtow to her and tell her I know I was wrong! I will bring Yixin to go and apologize to her as well.

Even if I have to grab Yixins head, I will also make her kneel down to Shi Xiaoya!”

How could Cen Mengqing still care about what Xia Yixin thought now

The Xia family was about to be done for!

“As long as they can forgive us, I can do anything,” Cen Mengqing said as she cried.

“Zhancheng, Im sorry.

Its my fault, I know I was wrong!

“You think of a way, think of a way for me to make amends.” Cen Mengqing clutched Xia Zhancheng as she spoke.

“How can you make amends I cant even contact anyone from Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas side now!” Xia Zhancheng said, feeling furious and exasperated.

Cen Mengqing was panicking, but was he not too

He was panicking as well.

Ever since Xia Yixin and Han Zhuoling divorced, hed been afraid that the Han Family would blame their family for that and suppress them, so he had instantly brought Cen Mengqing to the Han residence to apologize.

But at that time, they were not even allowed to step in.

Afterward, Han Zhuoling completely blacklisted everyone in the Xia family.

Of course, including him as well.

No matter what kind of contact methods he used, he would not be able to contact Han Zhuoling.

“Han Zhuoling has blacklisted all of us, you know this,” Xia Zhancheng said to Cen Mengqing.

“I kept asking around for Shi Xiaoyas contact just now, but no one would give it to me.

They are all afraid that Han Zhuoling will blame them, afraid that after I get Shi Xiaoyas contact, I will not be sincere about apologizing.”

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