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Chapter 2171: Go Down Faster, More Completely

She gritted her teeth and plastered her forehead on the brick pavement as she said, “Ill kowtow to you.

Please, I beg you, please.

Im kowtowing to you now!”

As Cen Mengqing said that, she really started kowtowing to him.

But she still loved and cherished herself.

Yes, her forehead did touch the ground.

But each time she was nearing the ground, she would consciously slow down and then gently touch the ground

Then, her palms would sneakily move to the center.

In this way, every time she kowtowed, she was actually landing on the back of her palms instead.

That would really not hurt at all.

Xia Zhancheng saw that Cen Mengqing still wanted to play smart at such a point in time, as if she thought no one could tell.

Xia Zhancheng trembled in anger.

He might as well not have brought her along!

All she did was bring about the reverse effect!


Han.” Xia Zhancheng had to quickly say something.

If he did not, who knew what else Cen Mengqing was going to do

“No matter what, the two of us are elders.

Weve already lowered ourselves to this extent to plead with you, so cant you just forgive us You can do whatever you want to deal with Xia Yixin.

She was the one who did all of those things.

Even my wife was deceived by her.

My wife might not be able to be considered any more innocent, but at least shes much better than Xia Yixin.

“Xia Yixin has already received her punishment.

Can you just spare our family”

At this moment, the security officers that Shi Xiaoya had approached all rushed out and quickly pulled Cen Mengqing up.

As she was someone who was bent on kneeling down, it was really a little difficult to pull her up.

The two security officers expended quite a lot of effort before pulling her up.

Han Zhuoling also took out his phone and called the police.

“I dont know if you can both be considered to be causing a public disturbance,” Han Zhuoling said after he called the police and put down his phone.

“In any case, Ill have the police come over and handle this for now.”

After saying that, Han Zhuoling stopped talking.

The police came very quickly.

They arrived within two to three minutes.

“These two people keep pestering me and my girlfriend here.

I am afraid that my girlfriend will get hurt, so I told her to go into the office building first while I wait here,” Han Zhuoling explained.

The other security officers at the scene also said, “Yeah, we all saw it.

They kept making a ruckus at our office building and spouting nonsense.

And they attracted such a big crowd of onlookers.

They are almost blocking off our office building entrance.

The people working in this office building cannot even come in now.

Even if we drag them and tell them to leave, they wont leave either.”

The police officers in this district felt that Xia Zhancheng looked quite familiar, and after someone recognized Han Zhuoling, they instantly recalled who Xia Zhancheng was.

They then said to Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing, “You both are considered reputable people.

How can you cause a scene and pull a cheap trick like this in the middle of the streets”

Xia Zhanchengs face turned red.

Although they embarrassed themselves so much, in part deliberately, they were not able to make Han Zhuoling relent, so their embarrassment got wasted.

Actually, why did he not think about it more Just who was Han Zhuoling Would he relent and bow down just because of his cheap tricks

Although Han Zhuoling could not compare to Xia Zhancheng in age, he had also seen all kinds of situations before.

His rivals in business were even more shameless.

Why would he be scared of his little schemes

“The Xia family is finished.

If you still want to come and seek out Xiaoya, you can try,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

“The more you come and look for her, the faster your family would go down, and the more completely.

We are not afraid of you coming to harass us.

On the other hand, you two probably wont have the leisure or energy to come and harass us anymore.”

After saying that, Han Zhuoling left.

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