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Chapter 2175: Offended People

How could the two of them be in any mood to hire a lawyer for her

So be it if she was in jail.

The two of them could not care about it anymore.

If they really tried to save Xia Yixin, she might continue to cause trouble.

The Xia family could no longer withstand any of her nonsense.

After much difficulty, Cen Mengqings mood recovered a little.

Xia Zhancheng rarely talked to her during this period as well, but he did not mention divorce either.

Cen Mengqing also never thought of divorcing him.

She was wrong.

Even if it was to make up for it, she could not divorce him either.

For the remaining part of their lives, the two of them would have to survive together.

It was much better than living alone.

Today, Cen Mengqing, who had recovered from the setback, went to visit Xia Yixin.

This was actually the first time Cen Mengqing had gone to visit Xia Yixin after she got into trouble.

Xia Zhancheng did not even want to see her.

Cen Mengqing guessed that Xia Yixin was probably not living well.

Even normal people would not do well after they went in, much less Xia Yixin with that nasty temper of hers.

But she never expected that Xia Yixin would actually be living so horribly.

Xia Yixin could be said to have offended people the moment she went in.

Due to her rich girl attitude, she always felt that her family would still be able to save her and get her out somehow.

So even if she was in jail, she still kept up her bossy and arrogant demeanor, thinking she was above everyone else and throwing a temper whenever she wanted.

But how was this a place where she could throw a temper as and when she liked

Even in here, there were also small gangs.

There were also people who stood at the top of this entire “food chain.”

Those who came in early and had stayed here long enough were highly skilled in martial arts, and thus, they were the bosses here.

If the people below them wanted to get by decently, they either had to try their best to make themselves invisible, quietly hiding in a corner not to be noticed by others…

Or, they would have to go and flatter and curry favor to become the followers of the bosses, then bully other people alongside them.

And more than that, they would have to try their best to suck up to the other party, sacrificing some of their own things in exchange for a more comfortable environment to survive in.

For example, even women had their needs.

In jail, everyone was a woman.

What then

Wont they then have to find a woman to satisfy their needs

If both parties were willing and both wanted to satisfy their own needs for the time being, or if they wanted to seek some comfort in this repressive place and find a partner to become lovers with, these were all the more optimistic scenarios.

There were also some who simply wanted to bully newcomers.

Just like people like Xia Yixin, who had their eyes above their heads and did not know how to learn their lessons.

She had been brought up spoiled and pampered, and she had good looks as well.

No matter whether it was out of jealousy or whether they just could not stand her nasty temper, others would show a “who do you think you are to even dare to throw a temper in front of me” kind of attitude towards her, and Xia Yixin would not be spared from a good deal of torture.

Just like Lu Man in her past life.

It was only with Mi Qiansongs help that she was able to get out of that deep end.

However, Xia Yixin had not met such a problem yet, so she still did not know about it.

The bosses here had already started thinking about it.

Before the bosses in this jail came in, they had all been infamously ruthless people outside and were coincidentally lesbians.

They had long had their eyes on Xia Yixin, but because of Xia Yixins nasty temper, they wanted to teach her a lesson.

So the people under them were more than happy to teach her a lesson.

When Cen Mengqing came to see her, Xia Yixin was being surrounded and beaten up.

When the prison guard came, they quickly separated them and helped Xia Yixin stand up.

Normally, the prison guard would not always be around.

They naturally picked a time when the prison guard was not around to start a fight.

Or else, they would not be able to start a fight in the first place.

The prison guard actually did not really like Xia Yixin either.

She had been really arrogant when she first came in.

She looked down on everyone.

She was threatening this and that all the time.

Saying things like they would get it when she got out.

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