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Chapter 2185: Actually Spending Her Money!

The Lu Qi of the past might not have had such sensibleness.

But Xia Yixins incident had just happened and the furor was not yet over.

Until now, the Internet was still abuzz with discussions about it.

It naturally seared into Lu Qis memory.

She really didnt dare to go against the law at this juncture.

“We have to first get a hold of Jiang Yujies situation,” she said.

“Right.” Xia Qingyangs brain worked quickly at this moment.

“Lets go back to the agency and have them check Jiang Yujies family situation! I dont believe her familys as shameless as Jiang Yujie.”

“Thats right!” Lu Qi nodded her agreement.

Therefore, both u-turned and headed back to the agency to have them do a background check on Jiang Yujie.

Its an easy check.

The company had her details.

Plus, when they had followed her before, they had tracked her to her home.

Its an old residential area.

Its like a huge compound.

They knew the familys goings-on, how many members there were and what their occupations were—even some of their relatives were known.

Hence, the agency used only a day to check Jiang Yujie.

Upon receiving the agencys report, Xia Qingyang decided to wake early and bring Lu Qi to Jiang Yujies parents home.

Based on the report, Jiang Yujie usually did not stay at home to travel more conveniently for work.

Of course, now, its so she could cohabit with Lu Qiyuan.

But coincidentally, she went home to visit her parents on Sunday and stayed the night.

And todays Monday, so shed travel directly from her parents home to the company.

According to the report, Lu Qiyuan had bought her a car for her convenience.

Its not some expensive car, just a normal 200k car.

But wasnt 200k money still

In Xia Qingyangs eyes, all the money Lu Qiyuan had spent on Jiang Yujie was actually her money!

She had long since viewed Lu Qiyuans wealth as hers.

Early on a Monday morning, Xia Qingyang woke at 5 AM.

She and Lu Qi usually slept until 9 or 10 in the morning.

Now that Lu Qis up as well, both headed towards Jiang Yujies parents home.

When they reached the building, it was only 6 AM.

Because they were early enough, the roads were not jammed.

But the residents were all up and about by this time.

The youths did not appear much, as they need not wake so early to go to work.

But the aged all came out for their activities, from exercising, to tai-chi, to square dancing.

They were everywhere.

Theres a small square in this residential area, and the top level had some playground facilities, as well as simple gym equipment.

The residents and young children typically had their activities there.

Many elderly uncles and aunties woke early for the market too.

The markets a ten-minute walk behind the building.

Hence, Xia Qingyang couldnt see them at this timing.

However, its bustling over here.

The cold of the dawn brings the lively air of the masses.

The beauty of commonness overflows in this ordinary residential area.

Its just that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi couldnt feel this beauty at all.

They looked at these people busying about in disdain, feeling that they were scurrying about and working hard for life, waking early in the morning to bargain with the vendors just for a few yuans difference.

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