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Chapter 2191: The Whole Familys Shameless

“This… this lady cant speak anymore.

Why dont you release her You can discuss calmly.

It might be a misunderstanding,” someone said.

Jiang Yujie appeared extremely pitiful.

“What misunderstanding Theres no misunderstanding!” Xia Qingyang was shrill.

“Ive already done a background check on her! Do you need me to release her intimate pictures before believing me!”


One hand grabbing Jiang Yujies hair, Xia Qingyang gave one tight slap with her free hand.

“Such an innocent, pretty face, yet you use this innocent face to commit all those immoral things!” Xia Qingyangs free hand then pinched Jiang Yujies cheeks forcefully.

“Look carefully, young ladies and older sisters.

Better look after your own man and beware of sl*ts like her” Xia Qingyang said.

“Or you wouldnt even know it when your men are seduced away!

“Who knows, she might have already seduced your men! Such women are just shameless sl*ts.

She doesnt care about wealth, shes just born to seduce other men!”

“Enough! Youre going overboard!” Mrs.

Jiang shouted upon hearing Xia Qingyangs words, finally arriving on the scene.

She struggled to push through the throng as she shouted.

Most eyes fell on her.

But Mrs.

Jiang did not care about them.

Though her face did burn, Jiang Yujie was the priority.

“Let go! Let go!” Mrs.

Jiang went over.

Shes far stronger than Xia Qingyang.

Xia Qingyang might have worked hard when she was young and had strength, but so many years of living a pampered life meant shed become weaker than before.


Jiang, on the other hand, was hardworking and did chores every day.

She also regularly went to the market and lugged heavy groceries back.

Day after day, she naturally became stronger.

Hence, she managed to free Jiang Yujie from Xia Qingyang in one move.

“What are you doing Still protecting your shameless daughter” Xia Qingyang shrieked.

“She did wrong and youre still shielding her! The whole familys shameless!”

A neighbor friendly with the Jiang family said, “Its probably a misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding!” Xia Qingyang screeched.

“I have photo evidence here! Dont be deceived by her innocent face.

The more innocent one looks, the more shameless they are!”

Lu Qi finally took off her sunglasses and said, “I can prove my moms words are true.”

“Youre a mother-daughter pair, obviously youll back each other up!” Mrs.

Jiang said, shielding Jiang Yujie.

“Whos protecting who” Lu Qi sneered.

“Im a public figure.

If not for the severity of this matter that is seriously affecting our daily lives, causing my mom to be so devastated that shes crying daily, I wont be standing here.

“But this isnt anything glorious, so exposing it affects me greatly too.

If the reporters caught wind of this, who knows how theyll gloat and write about this” She continued, “Even so, I put my reputation on the line and followed my mom here to ask you all for an explanation!

“You all say its a misunderstanding, that perhaps were maligning Jiang Yujie.

Were ruining her reputation by creating a scene.” Lu Qi raised her voice.

“But likewise, my reputation gets affected when we make a scene! If were not 100% sure, why would I be here making so much noise and endangering my name!”

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