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Chapter 2192: Isnt This Karma

Lu Qi only mentioned shes a public figure, but not who she was.

The onlookers were mostly middle-aged and older, and they really didnt know Lu Qi.

Even the youngsters found it hard to identify her.

She hadnt been appearing in any mainstream media activities and had been reduced to filming small-scale web series and web movies that didnt make any splashes, sometimes even making circuits of places.

There were still some differences between seeing someone on screen and in person.

Some looked nicer on screen, others looked better in real life.

And Lu Qi coincidentally belonged to the latter.

Hence, if she didnt reveal her name, no one would recognize her.

Moreover, even if she did state her name, theyd have to think about it for a moment and might not even realize it still.

However, most were shaken by Lu Qis words.

They might not know her, but they felt she was impressive.

RIght then, someone in the crowd laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha! How funny! I thought you both looked familiar, turns out its Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi!

“You both still have the audacity to catch another mistress! Your mom came into her position by ruining others relationship, and she stole her sisters husband at that, making her sister become so sick that she was hospitalized until she went broke.

You inherited your moms genes too, stealing your sisters boyfriend whos now your fiance.

“Hahahahaha! Despite this, you guys still went to catch a mistress! I think its your retribution! You stole your men from others, and so now, others steal yours.

“Isnt it karma Hahahaha! Any guy whod been stolen can be stolen again.

For them to be ensnared by you shameless hussies, it means they arent any good either!” The person hiding in the crowd said, “If he can cheat once, hed cheat twice.

See Hes cheating once again.”

“Whos that!” Xia Qingyang was about to go crazy from rage.

She had managed to attract a massive crowd.

Almost everyone who had woken up and had nothing going on that morning was all gathered here.

It was to publicly shame Jiang Yujie.

And yet, it backfired onto themselves.

Despite looking in their general direction, both she and Lu Qi couldnt spot the person whod spoken while hiding among the crowd.

Any attempts were to no avail.

And yet, the curious bystanders all started chattering among themselves upon hearing the persons words.

“So shes the one who stole her own brother-in-law.

I thought she looked familiar.”

“I saw her in Nan Yin News before.”

“Nan Yin News”

“Thats right, its an app to watch news.

Download it and itll push news for you every day.

Its pretty interesting!”

“So thats her! How capable both mother and daughter are, stealing their sisters men.

Is this genetic”

“Whats wrong with them There are so many men out there and they still had to steal the taken ones, and their sisters men at that.

Did their sisters do them wrong”

“How unbelievable! Whoever had such a sister is so unfortunate.”

Both Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi were enraged.

When it came to Jiang Yujie, theyd been far more silent.

And now, they were jabbering away!

“And so, its not wrong to say its their retribution!”

“Thats right.

They stole from others, and now their man is getting stolen by others.

That guy isnt any better, only seeking young and pretty ladies.”

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