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Chapter 2197: I Dont Believe He Wont Take the Bait

She could tell that Lu Man really could not bear to see her defile herself like this.

She did not want to render help for something that could not even be considered as helping.

Jiang Yujie stood up and said, “Its also fine if you dont help me.

I will find a way to seduce him.

After all, I am young and pretty.

If I take the initiative, I dont believe he wont take the bait.”

“You…” Lu Man had never seen such an obstinate person before.

“Its just that Im like a headless fly right now, so I might have to take quite a few twists and turns.

There might be some accidents in between and I would just have to get hurt,” Jiang Yujie continued.

“You sit down,” Lu Man said.

“Have you decided to help me” Jiang Yujie asked in surprise.

Lu Man bit her lip and said, “If youve thought this through and insist on doing this, I wont help you to get close to him.

Lu Qiyuan is not a good person, but I can tell you what kind of woman he likes.”

Lu Man paused for a very long time before she said, “After I tell you, I hope that you can reconsider this.

Although you dont need my help, I will still ask Zhuoli to go and check.”

Lu Man said, “If possible, I hope you can wait a while.

Wait for my side to find out the results from investigating first.”

She agreed to tell Jiang Yujie because she was worried that if Jiang Yujie really did things recklessly on her own, something bad might happen to her should something go wrong.

She knew that Jiang Yujie said that because she knew Lu Mans personality.

She knew that she would not want something to happen to Jiang Yujie, so there was a bit of threat to that.

But Lu Man could not bring herself to be angry.

She could not be angry with Jiang Yujie because of this.

She only felt that she was too foolish.

But she was not Jiang Yujie.

She did not have any relatives that got framed and sent to jail, so she might not be able to empathize with how she felt.

“I hope you can seriously think about this.

Dont sacrifice yourself just because of this,” Lu Man said.

Jiang Yujie did not expect that Lu Man would still be willing to help even when things were like this.

“You are really not like the Lu family and not like his daughter,” Jiang Yujie said.

“Thanks for your compliment.” Lu Man was quite happy that she said that.

“Its probably because Im more like my mother.”

Jiang Yujie nodded and said, “I… I really didnt expect that youd still be willing to help me.

Especially when we are not related at all.

“I know you mean well and dont want me to do anything stupid,” Jiang Yujie said.

“But I have already thought it through.

This is my elder brothers matter.

I cant stand by and do nothing.”

And just leave it to an unrelated outsider to do.

“You are willing to help, and I am really especially grateful.

In this way, we can tackle the problem from two fronts.

Perhaps we might be able to find evidence more quickly like this,” Jiang Yujie said.

Lu Man did not expect Jiang Yujie to be so stubborn.

She already said this, yet she still chose to use her own method to take revenge.

She was stubborn, but it made Lu Man admire her too.

Lu Man could no longer dissuade her, so she just said, “Alright.

But I still hope that you can consider this carefully.

Dont do anything recklessly.”

Jiang Yujie gave Lu Man a grateful smile and said, “Okay.

I promise you, I will seriously consider this.”


Lu Man explored her memories.

Actually, she also knew that when Jiang Yujie said she would seriously consider it, it was just to reassure her.

In fact, Jiang Yujie had long decided on it.

So, not long after, she received a call from Jiang Yujie.

At that time, she said that she had succeeded in getting together with Lu Qiyuan.

She told Jiang Yujie to reconsider, but in the end, Jiang Yujie still made such a choice.

Lu Mans heart really ached for this girl.

She was a decent young lady, yet she chose such an arduous path.

She thought of the helplessness she felt in her past lifetime, so she could empathize with her even more at this moment.

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