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Chapter 2202: Really Know How to Judge the Hour

“I keep making a ruckus” Xia Qingyang burst out laughing and said sarcastically, “Lu Qiyuan, you dont have to deny it.

I didnt take out the photos to save face for you, but I have many photos of you and Jiang Yujie with me!”

When everyone heard that, their eyes instantly lit up.

Previously, Lu Qiyuans words had made them somewhat doubt the truth of Xia Qingyangs words.

But now that they heard Xia Qingyang say that, they felt that she might really have something in her hands.

They did not expect that Jiang Yujie, who usually looked so pure and innocent, would actually have such deep schemes.

Xia Qingyang saw Lu Qiyuans thunderous expression, but he could not speak a word for a moment, and instantly, a thought came to her mind.

“Do you want to see them I brought them with me today! I wanted to give you face at first and didnt want to take them out.

But you insist on denying it to the end, so I cant just let things slide.”

Lu Qiyuan laughed in anger.

“Xia Qingyang, what right do you have to stand here and say all of these things”

“What right do I have” Xia Qingyang pointed to her chest and said, “Just based on the fact that I am your wife, your original spouse!”

“You are not.

My original spouse was Xia Qingwei.” Lu Qiyuan snorted.

“Dont forget, you were a mistress yourself.

What right do you have to come and berate other people”

“You!” Xia Qingyang did not expect that Lu Qiyuan would say that of her.

For a moment, Xia Qingyang did not know how to retort.

“Dad!” Lu Qi rushed over and hugged Xia Qingyangs elbow.

“How can you say that You saying that hurts Moms heart so much!”

“You are here too” Lu Qiyuan looked at her mockingly.

“When your mom came over to make a scene, you didnt think of stopping her You let her come to the company to make a scene and cause such a huge commotion”

“If you dont want me to make a scene, dont do things to let me down!” Xia Qingyang said.

“Get out of here!” Lu Qiyuan shouted.

“Dont stay here and continue being an embarrassment!”

“Im not leaving!” Xia Qingyang just sat down on Jiang Yujies seat and said, “Im not only not going to leave today, but I also intend to come here every day until Jiang Yujie comes!”

Xia Qingyang scoffed and said, “I dont believe she can just not come to work all the time I have all the time to waste on her.

I want to see if she can afford to waste her time!”

Lu Qiyuan stared at her, then shifted his gaze to Lu Qi.

“You think this too Youre in support of your mom continuing to make a scene here”

Lu Qis gaze flickered, then she said to Xia Qingyang, “Mom, since Jiang Yujie didnt come today, why dont we leave first There are so many employees in the company, they still need to work.

Dad needs to work too.”

A glint of mockery flashed across Lu Qiyuans eyes.

This daughter of his, she really knew how to judge the hour.

Was it precisely because Lu Qi was ever so discerning that, back when he was lying in the hospital after a stroke, she could collude with outsiders to transfer his assets out

Xia Qingyang saw Lu Qi giving her glances, so she pretended to compromise and said, “I can leave, but we have to have a good talk.

We will talk about it now!”

Lu Qi had been spot on that Jiang Yujie was really that vixen.

Ever since then, Xia Qingyang had regained her confidence in her.

And she even felt that, previously, when Lu Qi talked about Xia Qingwei, she might not really have been setting her up.

Anyone would have their moments of misjudgment.

Lu Qi then said to Lu Qiyuan, “Dad, no matter what, you should still have a proper talk with Mom.

Mom came to make a scene, and shes somewhat at fault for that.

But it is because she cares about you.

You dont know, but after Mom found out about this, she cooped herself up at home and did not even eat, could not even sleep.

If not because she had been forced to her extreme, she would not have charged right over to the company.”

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